Celebrating the Feast of St. Juan Diego And Our Lady Of Guadalupe

Celebrating the feast days of Advent Saints is a great way to keep your holiday season religious, and keep Advent a time of joyful anticipation. It’s a win win! I usually combine the feasts of St. Juan Diego and Our Lady of Guadalupe because they’re only a few days apart (St. Juan diego’s feast day being on December 9, and Our Lady of Guadalupe’s on December 12.)

craft for our lady of guadalupe and st. juan diego

celebrating the feast of our lady of guadalupe and st. juan diego

These printable ornament crafts that we did in celebration are available in my Advent Saint pack. I’m pretty sure that St. Juan Diego is my favorite in the whole pack!

st. juan diego craft for kids

The kids wanted something besides just colored pencils this time around, so we let them work with watercolors, glitter glue, colored pencils, and crayons.

painting advent saint ornaments

Lydia made her ornaments really glittery! We brushed the glitter glue on with a paint brush (just like we did on our Immaculate Conception ornaments.) Keep in mind if you use glitter glue on yours that anything that dries with thick glitter glue on it will brake apart when you curl it. That’s why we were keeping ours thin- so the ornaments will remain flexible for assembling.

our lady of guadalupe tilma craft

For Our Lady of Guadalupe, we did some crayon/watercolor resist. We scribbled yellow zig zags on with crayons and painted over them with orange watercolors.

our lady of guadalupe ornament craft resist

I also had the kids color Our Lady of Guadalupe’s skin color on with a crayon before painting. This way, even if they get out of the lines in some places, at least her face isn’t blue. 😉

painting our lady of guadalupe ornament craft

You’ll find directions for assembling these little guys in the Advent Saint pack. Here’s how ours turned out!

juan diego craft

Here are our St. Juan Diegos! Everyone enjoyed making these, ages 2 through adult. 🙂

st. juan diego ornaments

I like how these all develop their own little personality! Here is the crew of Our Lady of Guadalupes.

our lady of guadalupe printable craft for kids

I really like the sparkle the glitter adds when you put them on the tree.

glittered juan diego ornament

our lady of guadalupe ornament craft


We had a really good time embellishing these with lots of glitter, and some paper roses from the scrapbooking aisle of the craft store. To make stars on Our Lady’s Mantle, put small dots of gold glitter glue, then drag the tips out with a toothpick.

our lady of guadalupe craft with glitter

st. juan diego craft

craft for our lady of guadalupe and st. juan diegoWe usually eat Mexican food for dinner during this week, so we added our Advent Saint ornaments to our Advent wreath while we ate this year.

advent saint celebrations

celebrating the feast of juan diego and our lady of guadalupe

printable advent saints juan diego and our lady of guadalupe craft

st. juan diego feast day celebration

We also watch the St. Juan Diego CCC movie. This is my favorite of the CCC movies- there’s just something so adorable about this one. 🙂

watching ccc movie

ccc juan diego movie

Check out all of the Advent Saint Ornaments and find the download here.

advent ornaments

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