How To Plan A May Crowning For Kids

Planning a Marian Coronation is not as hard as you might think, and a May crowing ceremony is a great way to recognize Mary as the Queen of Heaven and Earth! I’ll start with the basics. The month of May is dedicated to Mary. It’s traditional to have a May crowning on May 1 (also known as May Day) but you can do it any time during the month of May. You can find all of my ideas about how to honor Mary with kids in May here, and today we are going to talk about how to plan a May crowning for kids.

How to plan a May crowning for Kids. A lot of great ideas here! #catholicicing

The Essentials- A Mary Statue And A Crown

First, figure out what Mary statue you are going to be crowning. You can try calling your parish to arrange a crowning of the Mary statue there. You can also crown your own Mary statue in your garden, or even a little statue inside your home-  just make sure you have or are making a crown that will fit your particular statue.

It’s traditional to crown Mary with flowers of some kind. Your flowers could be real or artificial. Take the statue’s placement into consideration when planning. If you’re crowning the Mary statue at your church, you may need a step ladder to reach her head.

If you’re crowning a Mary statue at home, you may want to put together a simple May altar. You can check out my post about putting together your own May altar here.

You can totally stop here! Don’t let the process become so overwhelming that it doesn’t end up happening at all. If you want some ideas for more flair for your May crowning, then read on. If this is what you can handle for this year, then that’s fabulous, too! Put the flower crown on, pray a “Hail Mary” with your kids, and that’s it- simple and beautiful. 🙂

Watch my video on having a simple, tiny May crowning, and be sure to subscribe to me on YouTube!

Bring Flowers for Mary

You can ask all the families attending the May Crowning to bring flowers for Mary. These can be hand picked, store bought, or artificial- no pressure. You could even craft flowers yourselves! Alternately, you could provide flowers there and give one to each child to offer to Our Lady. These flowers can be placed at Mary’s feet.

Plan for Procession

Usually there is a procession with the crown before it is placed on Mary’s head. You can line up all the kids, and sing a song while you process with the crown. (For song ideas, scroll down). The children can all carry flowers to be placed at Mary’s feet as they reach the statue. You can either provide a vase for these flowers, or just lay them individually at Mary’s feet.

Prayers for May Crowning

After you’ve crowned Mary, it would be great to say some prayers! The Hail Mary and the Hail, Holy Queen would both be good choices. You could also pray a decade of the rosary, or pray an entire rosary depending on the age of the kids at the crowning.

May Crowning Songs- Marian Hymns

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*Each of these links goes to a YouTube video of the song

Who doesn’t love to sing a Mary song? There are so many great choices! There’s actually a song called Bring Flowers of the Rarest (Queen of May) and another called Tis the Month of Our Mother. Some other favorites include Hail Holy Queen, Immaculate Mary (Ave Maria), or Hail Mary (Gentle Woman).

Fun Food for your May Crowning


Here’s my post on Marian food ideas. In the end I find that children absolutely love snacks, so don’t feel pressure to make the food themed. It’s supposed to be fun and educational, not stressful.

Crafts for your May Crowning- Extra Fun!

If you’re looking for craft ideas for your May crowning, boy have you come to the right place! Click the links to see Mary crafts for Catholic kids:

You can find all my Mary crafts for kids here– check it out!

And be sure not to miss my printable Mary statue craft for kids. It’s free to print! It also comes with 2 different flower crowns you can choose to place on Mary’s head. 

May Crowning Dress

It’s traditional for girls to wear their First Communion or Easter dresses for the May crowning, and for the boys to wear their Sunday best as well. You may or may not choose not to have the kids dress up- it depends on how big and/or fancy the May crowning you’re planning is. If you’re at home, your normal clothes will certainly do just fine.

May Day Baskets For Mary

These can also be fun to make and deliver to friends and family for May day! Check out how to make your own May day baskets here.

More May Crowning Ideas!

You can see what others have done to have May crownings at home, so definitely check that out as well!

If you’re looking for more ideas, check out my other resources on how to honor Mary with kids.


  1. Thanks for sharing these great ideas! We made Mary Suncatchers last year, I’ll have to decide what to do this year.

  2. that’s really cool! as always!

  3. Catholic Famliy Gifts says

    Absolutely loved this post!
    We are featuring a link of it on our Facebook Page April 26 to share this wonderful resource with them before May Crowning! Here is a link if you would like to check it out!
    Thank you for the great blog!

  4. Esthef Turner says

    Brings back wonderful memories of my youth and the devoted nuns that organized our flower offerings! I was 12 yoa and got to crown our Blessed Mary at the coronation. I have had blessings to long to list and live my rosary!!

  5. Valerie Broughton says

    What ideas are out there to include boys in the May Crowning activities?

  6. It doesn’t look like the Catholic Teacher Resource has a printable layout anymore. Did you happen to save a copy? I would love to see it as I plan the May Crowning for my school.

  7. Our Homeschool Coop Group is doing a May Crowning. This ideas are wonderful, thanks for helping!❤️


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