How to Make a No Sew Tutu and Add it to Any Costume for Instant Cuteness!

I will admit to jumping on a band-wagon here. I kept seeing costume after costume come through Pinterest with tutus, and I’m talking way beyond fairies and ballerinas. People are adding tutus to every kind of costume, and it’s adorable! I’ve seen super heros, pirates, clowns, peacocks, …even fruit costumes that are all sporting tutus! When I saw this Indian costume with a tutu, I knew there was hope to turn this craze Catholic- that could be a St. Kateri costume!

We made an Angel tutu costume, and Violet just loved it! (By the way, I also have the directions on how to make the angel wings for this costume here.)

angel tutu costume for kids

Tutus are super easy to make, and  you don’t have to be able to sew at all!

Supplies Needed:

  • Piece of wide elastic (long enough to go around the child’s waste. You can knot it or hot glue it into a circle)
  • At least 2 yards of Tulle in desired color or colors (available pretty much wherever fabric is sold)

I actually just cut some children’s underwear up so I could use the elastic.

how to make a tutu without sewing

(I just love to keep it real with you guys) 😉

Cut the tulle into long strips. You can easily do this by folding the tulle back and forth into a “fan” shape and cutting across the folds so the cuts are shorter.

how to make a no sew tutu easy

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Tie the pieces on one at a time.

how to make a no sew tutu

I did not bother to double knot them.

Spread them out around the elastic. The more you bother to tie on, the fuller it will be. Once I tied on all the tulle, you couldn’t tell it was made out of underwear anymore. 😉

It is seriously that easy! You could also use this angel costume for a Christmas pageant.

adding tutus to costumes for kids

What Saint costume would you add a tutu to? (And how much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?)

If you are looking for ideas for All Saints’ Day costume ideas for kids, be sure to check out my Saint Costume Directory!


  1. I’m not a mom, but a catechist. I love the ideas you have for teaching children about the faith. I have used a few of your projects with my 2nd grade CCE class! After seeing the angel wing and tutu pictures of your beautiful daughters….why would anyone want to be anything else for Halloween and All Saints’ Day??!! Thanks so much for all the inspirational ideas!! God blessed you with talent and creativity…and most importantly, a BEAUTIFUL family!!