How To Draw Advent Saints (St. Lucy, Our Lady Of Guadalupe, & St. Nicholas)

Well I am really starting to love these how to draw videos as I am going with this project- they seem to be getting more fun by the week! I was thinking about how popular the “How To Draw Saints” video was for All Saints’ Day, and it occurred to me that ya’ll might enjoy an Advent version. My family just loves to celebrate the December Saint feast days, so this seemed like the perfect idea. So here you go- How To Draw Advent Saints featuring Saint Lucy (Santa Lucia), Our Lady Of Guadalupe, and Saint Nicholas all together! 

You can find all of my Catholic how-to-draws here, and be sure to check back because there is a new one each Friday! I am super excited about this new resource for Catholic kids, and I feel like they’re getting better all the time as I get a better idea of the things ya’ll like to draw! If you want to be sure not to miss any how to draw videos in the future, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel

This is a great activity for Catholic kids when learning about Advent, and for religious education classes. During the video, I explain a lot of symbolism of the wreath and about the season of Advent. So they’re drawin’, but they’re learnin’ too! 😉 Go ahead and draw yours now. How to draw St. Lucy, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and St. Nicholas. 

In this video I use my Prismacolor brush tip artist markers to color this in and you can find some here. These are professional artist markers, so they cost a pretty penny, but they’re worth every cent. I just love them and they last forever! 

I am also including this as a free printable coloring page of the Advent Saints… just as soon as my scanner becomes friends with my computer again. So check back in a few days… lol 

Advent Saints Coloring Page Download… coming soon!

Also, be SURE to check out my printable Advent Saint ornaments for more December feast day celebration fun. These are so fun and cute to put together!


I hope this resource helps your kids learn about the Advent season this week! I think that drawing these Saints is going to be extra fun! 🙂

You can find my other Advent resources for families here


  1. Julie Sokolowski says

    Lacy, I was just wondering when the printable coloring page of St Lucy, St Nicholas and Our Lady of Guadalupe will be linked. My parish dresses up these 3 saints after Mass one Sunday during lent and I would like to share the coloring page. Thanks for your great products!

    • Oh my goodness- my scanner wasn’t working the day I published this and I totally forgot! Yes of course, but right now I am traveling so I won’t be able to get it up there until Tuesday. Ugh! Sorry about this oversite. Will do it asap. Hope you’re having a blessed Thanksgiving weekend!

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