Alphabet of Saints Crafts for Catholic Kids

With the combination of our Catholic ABC’s preschool we’re working on and with All Saints’ Day just around the corner, I wanted to run some awesome saint crafts!
I now made a printable set of alphabet Saints to go with my preschool program. They’re super fun and easy to make! The download comes in black and white and in color.
ABC saints printable craft with paper standees of different saints
Check out this “String from Heaven” craft made by my friend Jackie.
ABC garland with pictures of Saints

Here’s what Jackie said-


So we are doing Elizabeth Foss’ Alphabet Path at home with our daughter. Since I can’t paint we purchased the gingerbread cutouts of cardboard people at Michael’s. Each week I trace the outfits from construction paper for her to cut and paste together to correspond with the pictures from An Alphabet of Catholic Saints for each letter. I do the faces typically and some of them I’ve cut too (you can probably guess which). We do this in addition to cutting out the Letters (upper and lowercase) for the week and gluing things that start w/ the letter or the actual letter from magazines to that Letter’s page.

St. Anne
A on garland with St. Anne
St. Bernadette
St. Cecilia
C on garland and St. Celica
St. Dominic
D on garland and St. Dominic
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
E on garland and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
St. Francis of Assisi
F on garland and St. Francis of Assisi
St. George
St. George and the dragon
And here are some more Saint Crafts A-Z!

I just love these Adorable Alphabet Saints
from Pinewood Castle! And you can find some good
directions on making these kinds of dolls at Crafty in Coffeeland.

Q Saint Doll

If you want to try your hand at painting, check out these
Painted Alphabet Peg Dolls from robynallen2 on Flickr.

Painted peg dolls of saints

Here are some other ways to make yourself a procession
of saints- whether they’re in alphabetical order or not! 🙂

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I have always been in love with Alice’s Spoon Saints!
You have got to click over to Cottage Blessings to
see her procession across the mantle! 🙂
Wooden spoons decorated as saints


Are you ready for this? These Saint Dolls are so adorable,
and the patterns are available to print for free at
Ana Braga-Henebry’s Journal. I love these so much!
Printable paper dolls of saints

Also, you should totally check out my All Saints’ Day food labels! This is the perfect All Saints’ Day party printable as it turns everyday kid snacks into symbols of the Saints, making celebrating a breeze for mom!

All Saints Day printable pack with multiple saints


Soon your saints will all come marching in! I hope your kids enjoy making some saint crafts soon – I know mine will!


  1. welcome to our wonderland says

    I LOVE that option I to was doing the alphabet path but can't for hte life of me find peg dolls so this would be PERFECT!!!!! thanks so much for sharing!!!

  2. Amazing_Grace says

    These are so cute! 🙂

    An Alphabet of Catholic Saint crafts would be great to do with a classroom of students. Put a name of a saint on a little pieces of paper and put them into a large container. Have each student reach into the container and pick a slip of paper to find out which saint they will make to hang in the classroom.

  3. confused homemaker says

    I love the Alphabet Path, as do my kids!! Doing a garland of letters & Saints is a great idea, especially for those with limited space (like us). Thanks for all the wonderful ideas (here & overall on the site!).

  4. great and super cute idea!!

  5. Ana Braga-Henebry says

    Love your cute blog and your saints alphabet! A reader has pointed out to me that there is a problem with my pattern so I am in the process of redoing it! Will post it soon!

  6. Lacy, after reading this post the other day, we made the Saint dolls that Ana created a doll pattern for. what a joy it was to make these! and we posted about them today and linked to your All Saints Day link up!!