Liturgical Seasons Cube Craft (Great For Home Altar!)

This liturgical season cube has all of the main seasons of the Church, and is such an easy way to display the current liturgical color! This would be the perfect addition to a home altar, prayer table, a classroom, or even your desk! It’s so easy to change daily that there’s no reason not to display the liturgical season. You can find all of my home altar resources here, but today let’s take a look at this liturgical seasons cube and I’ll show you why I think it works so well.

Making A Paper Liturgical Cube Craft

This is a printable craft that comes with several options! First off, this liturgical seasons block can be printed on cardstock as a template that can easily fold into a cube.

First you need to print it out and cut around all the outside lines.

Then you fold on all the remaining lines, and shape it into a cube. The little flaps can be attached with a glue stick.


I have this same printable liturgical cube also available with an easy to read font for kids and more clear liturgical symbols and colors. This is great for classroom use for for using with kids you’re teaching the liturgical seasons to!


These are best printed onto card stock so they’re a little sturdier to fold cubes out of. 

Here’s an example of the cursive version and the print version, both folded out of paper cubes.

This paper version is great to make with a classroom because they’re so cheap and easy to assemble. 

Making A Wooden Liturgical Season Cube

This is my favorite way to use this printable! You can cut out the individual squares and use Mod Podge to decoupage them to a wooden craft cube.

This makes a really sturdy, kid friendly version that can be a beautiful resource in your home for years to come! 

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Start by getting a wooden craft cube, I recommend these wooden craft cubes for this particular project. You’re also going to need some Mod Podge, and I like to use a foam brush

You will start by cutting all of the squares of the cube out as separate squares. 

Paint a layer of Mod Podge onto one side of the cube, and stick one square on, making sure it’s straight. Paint another layer of Mod Podge over the top of the square. It will dry clear. Smooth any wrinkles out. Repeat this on all sides, but you’ll have to let some dry before doing the bottom of your cube.


When all the sides dry, you’ll have a beautiful liturgical year cube!

How To Use Your Liturgical Season Cube

The reason why I love this SO MUCH is because there are NO extra pieces to store, and nothing to go looking for when the liturgical season changes. 

When it’s a new day and a new liturgical season, you just turn the cube to show the current liturgical season on the front. What could be easeier?!

Where Do I Get My Printable Liturgical Cube Craft?

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  1. How can one get the PRINTABLE without subscribing?

    • Ashley –

      The printable is only available as part of the membership and not sold separately.

      Angie, Catholic Icing Monthly Membership Co-Founder

  2. Is the child’s printable liturgical cube available without subscribing?

    • Hi Marilyn –

      The printables are only available as part of the membership and not sold separately.

      Angie, Catholic Icing Monthly Membership Co-Founder

  3. I love my little wooden cube! In your pictures you show a little stand that helps prop up the cube at an angle. Do you have instructions for how to build that?
    Thanks, Kathy