St. Patrick’s Snake Banishment- Crafts, Food, Games, More!

I’m sure you’ve all heard the legend that St. Patrick banished all the snakes from Ireland. I find this story so intriguing given the fact that there really aren’t any snakes in Ireland. You can read more about the legend here. I’ve been seeing some cute St. Patrick’s day “snake banishing” games around, and I thought “Why stop there?” Lol! So here are some fun snake foods, crafts, and games for celebrating St. Patrick’s story on his feast day! 🙂

These snake pops from Gourmet Mom on the Go
just might be too cute to banish 😉
Confectionary pop in the shape of snake
Here’s a craft from Make and Takes where you craft a snake
  from a tie. Whose husband doesn’t have some extra

neck ties that they don’t (or shouldn’t) wear anymore? 😉

Tie turned into snake
I love this snake art project from Art Projects for Kids
because it teaches the concept of overlapping. Also, with the
way the paper here is colored half green half blue, it really looks
like the snake is being “cast from Ireland” into the sea! 🙂
Snake Drawing
Here’s a great snake art project for little kids from
Ramblings of a Crazy Woman. Very fun!
Paper Snake
This snake cake from Family Fun is made using a bunt pan.
Snake shaped cake
Here’s a snake craft from Preschool Rocks where you can
make a snake from plastic Easter eggs.
Plastic easter eggs in the shape of a snake
Love this “Slithering Snake-wich” from
Better Homes and Gardens!
Wouldn’t this be cute at a St. Patrick’s Day party?
Sub sandwhich snake

Check out this craft from Karen in Mommyland.

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Paper shamrock and paper snake
Snake Banishing Games:
  1. You “Cast the snakes out of Ireland”. Do this by having children take turns throwing rubber snakes into a basket and seeing who can get the most snakes in the basket. There’s a picture of this version here on Shower of Roses.
  2. Take a bunch of rubber snakes and hide them like you would hide eggs for an Easter egg hunt. Have the kids “round up” all the snakes in Ireland so you can banish them!
  3. Or for small kids, just scatter toy snakes around in a taped off circle (the island of Ireland) and let them take turns “running them all out”. (Pictured below)
Children and Parents Playing a Game

Don’t forget that you can use the snakes you made crafting for the games above! Hope you have fun with your kids learning about St. Patrick! 🙂 These would also be great games for an All Saint’s Day party!

Printable Crafts


  1. These are sooo cute! I wish I had time to do them all!

  2. Amazing_Grace says

    Here is a game I made that others might like:

    Hisss: The colorful snake making card game for younger students.

  3. FYI I think I’m going to use these for our Adam and Eve Day at our VBS! Thanks Lacy you’re pretty awesome!