Printable Advent Countdown Calendar For Catholic Kids

Advent is almost upon us and this year I have something extra special to share with you- a printable countdown calendar for your kids!

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How the printable Advent calendar for kids works– there is 1 holly leaf for each day of Advent. The days of the week are labeled on the leaves, and the candles coordinate with the Sundays of Advent. I’m offering it in black and white, in color, and also as a blank page so you can fill in any language!

Special 2021 Edition Now Included

For a limited time there is a year specific page included in this pack! This page is available as a coloring page and has all the Saint feast days and Christmas already written in for you!

This calendar is also good for EVERY YEAR!

You just write in Christmas on the correct day of the week for that year. 🙂

This is a fun visual for kids so they can see the days of Advent going by, and Christmas approaching. I love making activities like this into traditions!

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If you would like to translate my Advent Calendar into another language, that’s great! When you download the file, you’ll find a blank version that you can print, and write in any language. I only ask 2 things:

  1. Please do not remove the “Catholic Icing” watermark from the page.
  2. Please do NOT republish my calendar on your own websites! If you scan it and send it back to me, I will add it to this file to share with others.

Personalize Your Printable Advent Calendar

If you print the black and white version, kids can color it themselves! The candles are left blank so the kids add their own flames and “light” the Sundays in Advent as they go.
Add Christmas Day To Your Calendar: The number of days in Advent differs year to year. Advent can have as few as 23 days, or as many as 29. So on this calendar, I left the last week blank. YOU put the days of the week and add “Christmas” on the day of the week it falls in the current year, and there you have it- an Advent calendar that is good for every year! 🙂
The color version that I’m offering I painted myself. I just love the look of watercolors!
The original is a little wrinkly lol. That’s ok. Yours will print flat 😉
You can mark the days of Advent off as you go by drawing X’s on each day, or by marking each day with a sticker. We like to use those cheap foil star stickers for our Lenten calendars, so I think we will do that.

Download Yours Now!


And be sure to check out my other Advent resources for Catholic families! God bless!





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