Free Crown Of Thorns Printable For Lent

For years now, I’ve been using a crown of thorns as a sacrifice tool for my children during Lent. We made simple ones when they were little, and eventually I made a permanent one that we just pull out of our Lent box from the attic each year. This year, I’m adding a printable to ours to really help the younger kids with the imagery here (Plus, ya’ll know me, any chance to include some artwork somewhere and I’m in!) 😉

free printable for lenten crown of thorns

I created this printable using Carl Bloch’s Christ With Staff painting. I just love the depiction of the crown of thorns in this painting, and the personal way that Jesus is making eye contact with us. He looks straight into your eyes as if to say “I did this for you.”

christ with staff and thorns- carl bloch

Christ With Staff- Carl Bloch

The concept here is very simple. You print the download, cut the card out, fold it in half, and stand it in the middle of your crown of thorns. I display ours on a plate that I spray painted purple, and the plate also holds the toothpicks we pull.

crown of thorns printable for lent

Every year, I keep the toothpicks (since I colored them dark brown) and put them in a baggie with the grapevine wreath in our Lent box in the attic.

crown of thorns printable- lenten sacrifice for kids

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For Easter Sunday, I transform the “crown” into a nest full of eggs. I just fill it with the eggs that the kids dyed. I’ve also seen where people fill the crown with flowers, or even replace it with a crown fit for a king.

crown of thorns turned nest

This printable includes 2 sacrifice cards for Lent:

  1. “Do a sacrifice for Jesus, then remove a thorn from his crown.”
  2. “Do a sacrifice for Jesus, then put a bean in the jar.”

The second option is for if you’re doing a sacrifice bean jar rather than the crown of thorns. I’m thinking we might do it for the first time this year because Anabelle is in her terrible 2’s, and I don’t want a daily battle about sharp toothpicks here.

Get The Download Here

I made the lines that you cut and fold on faint, because I just hate it when the dark black lines show when something isn’t cut or folded exactly right.

You’ll find all of my Lenten resources for kids here


  1. Hi Lacy!

    Thank you for this printable! I hope to print it out and add it to our salt dough crown of thorns and bean jar! I love the idea of turning the crown into a nest. We turn our crown of thorns (which we hope is empty of toothpicks by the end of Lent) into a golden crown of jewels (heck, I probably got the idea from you 🙂 ) Here’s a post of pics of our crowns and the “transformation” Blessed Lent to you Lacy! 🙂

  2. You’ve come up trumps again! Got my Good Friday session with the church kids 99% sorted now with your posts. Just got to find something for Palm Sunday and the Garden of Gethsemane

  3. This site is amazing! We are homeschooling our grandson for religion and I taught CCD for many years. I have always felt that crafts and music are the key to teaching kids so that they remember and can associate better than just reading a lesson to them. It has to be fun & they have to be involved our they aren’t engaged. Thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful ideas. I love “Catholic Icing”!! God bless you!