St. Mark Feast Day Ideas for Kids

St. Mark‘s feast day is coming up on April 25. His symbol is the lion. It’s usually a winged lion, but I didn’t find any of those on the internet- lol! So here are some lion ideas to celebrate his feast day with your kids. Be creative and add wings to what you can. Then send me the pictures 😉

I love this lion sandwich from Little Nummies!
If I made this, I would add white cheese for wings.
Find St. Mark’s Lion Coloring page on Cathedral Coloring
along with a lot of other cool coloring pages.
Head over to Bless Us O Lord to make these lion cupcakes.
I love this handprint lion craft from Just for Fun.
Check out this cute guy from Busy Bee Kids Crafts
with a noodle main.
And if you’re feeling like attempting something awesome,

try baking this lion cake from Parenting Magazine.


  1. great ideas Lacy. I can always count on you to give us activities for feast days. Thanks!

  2. Sorry, no more cakes for me this week! LOL I am thinking about trying out the lion sandwich in just a minute. I'll be out of town on the 25 (yay!) Lets see what happens… lol

  3. Kathleen's Catholic says

    Oh my gosh, that little lion sandwich is soooo cute!!

  4. I LOVE the lion sandwich. What a cute idea!

  5. prophetess says
  6. I love how the Cathedral coloring sheets each have really thought-provoking questions for the kids to meditate on as the color! Whoever is putting these out there is absolutely a double-blessing to us all!! ~ Kathy

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