St. Mark Feast Day Ideas for Kids

St. Mark’s feast day is coming up on April 25. His symbol is the lion. It’s usually a winged lion, but I didn’t find any of those on the internet- lol! So here are some lion ideas to celebrate his feast day with your kids. Be creative and add wings to what you can. Then send me the pictures 😉 You can find all of my resources for living the liturgical year in April here. Now let’s take a look at these St. Mark feast day ideas for kids!

Check out my 4 Gospels handprint crafts!

Handprint art of symbols for Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John

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I love this lion sandwich from Little Nummies!
If I made this, I would add white cheese for wings.
Sandwhich and carrot shreds shaped as a lion
Find St. Mark’s Lion Coloring page on Cathedral Coloring
along with a lot of other cool coloring pages.
Coloring page of lion with wings and a book
Head over to Bless Us O Lord to make these lion cupcakes.
Tops of cupcakes decorated like lion faces
I love this handprint lion craft from Just for Fun.
Paper lion face made of paper handprint cutouts
Check out this cute guy from Busy Bee Kids Crafts
with a noodle main.
Lion face made of paper, googly eyes, and rotini noodles
And if you’re feeling like attempting something awesome,

try baking this lion cake from Parenting Magazine.

Cake made into a lion face
You can find even more resources for living the liturgical year in April here!
April Feast Day Resources


  1. great ideas Lacy. I can always count on you to give us activities for feast days. Thanks!

  2. Sorry, no more cakes for me this week! LOL I am thinking about trying out the lion sandwich in just a minute. I'll be out of town on the 25 (yay!) Lets see what happens… lol

  3. Kathleen's Catholic says

    Oh my gosh, that little lion sandwich is soooo cute!!

  4. I LOVE the lion sandwich. What a cute idea!

  5. prophetess says
  6. I love how the Cathedral coloring sheets each have really thought-provoking questions for the kids to meditate on as the color! Whoever is putting these out there is absolutely a double-blessing to us all!! ~ Kathy