4 Gospels Craft – Handprint Style!

Catholic ABC's Week: 4 Number of the week:4 Theme: Gospels Memory Verse- Part of this Gospel Nursery Rhyme: Matthew, Mark, Luke & John, Bless the bed that I lie on. Craft: The 4 Gospels in Handprints This week we are studying the number 4, so we are learning about the 4 gospels! Each gospel has a symbol- A winged lion for Matthew, a winged ox for Mark, an angel for Luke, and an … [Read more...]

St. Mark Feast Day Ideas for Kids

St. Mark's feast day is coming up on April 25. His symbol is the lion. It's usually a winged lion, but I didn't find any of those on the internet- lol! So here are some lion ideas to celebrate his feast day with your kids. Be creative and add wings to what you can. Then send me the pictures ;-) I love this lion sandwich from Little Nummies! If I made this, I would add white cheese for … [Read more...]