Catholic How To Draw: Saint Kateri {and a free coloring page!}

Hi, everyone! Today I am continuing with my new "how-to-draw" series for Catholic kids, and I am very excited to present my first how to draw a Catholic Saint... St. Kateri!  She is such a fun Saint because she is the first Native American Saint to be canonized by the Catholic church. She has a very inspiring story, so definitely check it out! Her feast day is coming up on July 14, so if … [Read more...]

How You Child Can Make Their Own Saint Kateri Costume for All Saints’ Day

Last year, Lydia (age 6) made her own St. Kateri costume for All Saints' Day! She had a blast, and enjoyed wearing it so much! (If you're in a hurry, we have also made this paper bag version quickly before.) Supplies Needed: Brown t-shirt (We got ours at Hobby Lobby. If you have an old one but it has printing on it, just turn it inside-out.) Brown fringe (about 1 yard) Hot Glue … [Read more...]

St. Kateri Activity for Kids

Today, we have a guest post from my friend over at Catholic Deals, Liz. She made an adorable snack with her kids to celebrate Saint Kateri! St. Kateri's Native American Village   Materials needed: - Sugar or waffle ice cream cones - Chocolate candy melts - Pretzel sticks - Large tray - Frosting - Green and brown sugar - Dried papaya or orange candy for fire - Candies for … [Read more...]

Celebrate Blessed Kateri’s Canonization with Kids!

The date of Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha's canonization is going to be October 21, 2012! (Yay!) The cool thing about soon-to-be-Saint Kateri is that she was Native American. This opens up all kinds of crafting possibilities! ;-) Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha's feast day is July 14. We made some fun, Native American dress up crafts to celebrate St. Kateri's canonization with my kids! We were … [Read more...]

Saint Kateri Tekakwitha For Catholic Kids- Feast Day July 14

Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha was a Native American who was Christian, against the wishes of her tribe and uncle. She has an amazing story! Here are some fun ways to celebrate her upcoming feast day: My ABC Saint crafts include St. Kateri, so check those out! I also have a video on how to draw your own St. Kateri. Try crafting these teepeees with That Artist Woman. She has a … [Read more...]

Catholic Vacation Bible School- Growing With the Saints

I wanted to feature some Catholic Vacation bible school programs. I know that many protestant VBS programs offer Catholic counterparts, but I'm going to focus on VBS packages actually created by Catholics.  The first one I'm looking at is "Growing with the Saints". I've never seen or participated this program myself, but here's what one of my readers had to say: "I am the DRE for our parish and … [Read more...]