Celebrating The Feast Day Of St. Agnes With Kids

Saint Agnes is a beautiful young Saint and martyr with an inspiring story. Her feast day comes every year on January 21. When celebrating the liturgical year at home, St. Agnes is a great Saint to include! You can read here about how to celebrate Saint feast days at home with your kids, and you can find more Saints to celebrate in January here. Today, let’s look at some celebrating the feast day of St. Agnes with kids.

St. Agnes Quick Facts

It’s always easies to plan your feast day celebrations once you have an idea of what the feast day is all about! Let’s take a look at the life of St. Agnes in a nutshell. 

  • Early Roman martyr, year 305 AD 
  • Martyred young (age 12 or 13)
  • One of the most known child Saints 
  • Latin word for lamb is “agnus”, so this plus her innocents make her common symbol the lamb
  • She has been depicted holding a lamb since the sixth century 

Story of St. Agnes:

She swore her purity and virginity to Christ, refusing marriage. They tried to force her to marry, but she continued to refuse. It is said that she was drug through the streets naked until she died. One legend says that her hair grew long to hide her naked body. Another legends says that it snowed to hide her nakedness. Either way, through a miraculous event, her desire for modesty was granted. 

Each year on her feast day, lambs are blessed inside her church in Rome. The wool from these lambs is woven by the nuns of the St. Agnes convent. 

St. Agnes Story For Kids

Christian Kids TV has a free video of the story of St. Agens for kids. You can watch it here. If you have sensitive children, her story does end in martyrdom.


When you’re starting to teach your kids about the lives of the Saints, I suggest starting with a Saint picture book treasury that includes a lot of short stories you can read together. This will give you a good starting place and then you can add to your library of Saint books over the years. I think this Picture Book Of Saints is a good beginning Saint book for Catholic families. You can find the story of St. Agnes on page 15 in this book. 

St. Agnes Resources For Kids

Saint Agnes Coloring Page

Catholic Playground has several St. Agnes coloring pages that are totally free to print! Don’t miss out on these.

saint agnes coloring pageSaint Agnes Printables and Worksheets

Real Life at Home has a printable packet of Saint Agnes Activities and Worksheets, including a word search, puzzles, coloring pages, a maze page, and more.

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St. Agnes Recipe

Over on Hi Cookery you can find a recipe for traditional St. Agnes Cookies.

St. Agnes Cookies

Saint Agnes Craft Ideas For Kids

I just love this glittery paper plate craft from
By Sun and Candlelight. So beautiful!
Love these little mini sheep you can make
from cotton balls with busy bee kid crafts.These handprint sheep from Ramblings of a Crazy Woman
would be perfect for preschoolers! I love the use of office stickers.
Here’s a lamb you can make out of a toilet paper tube.
The Best of Times had a wintertime tea and
did a craft for St. Agnes.
I love this lamb made from cotton swabs, and it
would also make an adorable holy card or prayer holder.
And last but not least, this paper chain lamb
is just absolutely adorable!

Craft A Lamb Shopping:

Depending on the kind of supplies you have at home, here are some easy sheep crafts you can make with your kids listed by the kind of supply they are made out of. This will help you craft without needing to shop! 🙂 (each link goes to a full picture tutorial that will walk you through completing the craft). I also divided the list to have one set for younger kids, and one set of sheep crafts appropriate for older kids. 

Lamb crafts for preschoolers and lower elementary kids:

Lamb crafts for upper elementary and up:

Also, kids of every age can enjoy my free how to draw a lamb video, and all you need is a piece of paper and a pencil! 🙂

Good Shepherd Food And Snack Ideas

I have a whole round up of lamb and sheep dessert ideas here, so don’t miss that if you’re looking for more fun lamb snack ideas.

More Catholic Resources For January

You can find more Saint feast days and fun ways to living the liturgical year in January here.


Since it’s January, check out my new printable liturgical calendar for Catholics! This includes all your major feast days and liturgical seasons along with holy days of obligation, solemnities, liturgical colors, well-known Saint feast days, and more! This easy-to-use and beautiful calendar will be your best friend when planning out your liturgical year at home. There is both a free option and a paid option for downloading this liturgical calendar, so click here to find your options for downloading your own liturgical calendar


  1. Christine says

    Just to let people know, last year I tried doing the clothespin sheep for VBS. They were cute, but did not stand up. Not sure if different clothes pins are different or what, but all of ours would fall over. Maybe cute to put a magnet on the back, though, and use it on the fridge.

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