Lamb And Sheep Dessert Ideas

In keeping with our “Focus on the Lamb, not the Bunny” Easter theme, I wanted to make some actual edible lamb treats of some kind for Easter. The food industry would like to pull the wool over our eyes and lead us to believe that we can’t make a lamb cake without store-bought mold, but we know there are greener pastures, right? Because I don’t have a lamb cake mold, I started thinking… what kind of ba-a-a-rillant lamb desserts or Easter food could you make without a lamb mold of any kind? The internet actually turned up many answers to my sheepish question, so I herded some of them together for Ewe! (Ok, ok, I’ll stop with the ba-a-ad lamb puns and get on with the ideas now). 😉

Lamb Dessert Ideas

These cute lamb cupcakes from Hallmark look like something even I can make!

Lamb Cupcakes

For you ambitious bakers out there, I just love

these lamb cake pops from Bakerella! 🙂Lamb Cake PopsHere’s a cute lamb cake from Family Fun.

Again- there is no lamb mold needed to make this cake!

Lamb Cake Mold
These Oreo lamb cookies from Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons are so cute!
Oreo Lamb Cookies

Make marshmallow “lamb tails” and package them with these adorable printable labels with Can’t Stop Making Things. What’s easier than that? I made these for an Easter basket stuffer.Lamb Tails Snack

These lamb pretzel pops from Hungry Happenings look cute!

Lamb Pretzels

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 Rosa’s Yummy Yums made these Lamb Rolls.

Wouldn’t these be cute at Easter dinner?

Rolls made into a lamb

Also, check out these Lamb Cinnamon Rolls!

What a great idea for Easter Breakfast!

Lamb made out of cinnamon rolls
These lamb cupcakes from Cookies and Cups are super cute,
and you could totally skip the cupcake if you wanted!
Lamb Cupcake
Not only do I not have a lamb cake mold, but I don’t have a lamb butter mold either. If you want a butter lamb and don’t have a mold, you still have a few options.
 First, find directions on making a
free form butter lamb on Taste of Home.
Lamb Butter Cake
Also, check out your local grocery store because
it turns out they sell butter already shaped like a lamb!
I found these at Giant, and heard they were at Wegman’s, too.
Grocery Store Butter Lambs
I can think of many foods that seem ideal for decorating edible sheep, including popcorn, marshmallows, shredded coconut, and squirty whipped cream. Hope your Easter prep is going well! Worthy is the Lamb! 🙂


  1. Thank you for such great ideas to celebrate the Lamb!