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12 Days Of Christmas Printable Ornaments (With Christian Symbols)

The true Christmas season starts on December 25 and runs through to the Epiphany! These days from Christmas to the Epiphany are called the 12 days of Christmas and go along with the traditional song. The song itself has a Christian symbol that goes with each part of the song, and these printable ornaments are the perfect way to learn them. You can hang one of these printable ornaments each day … [Read more...]

Past Membership Resources

Angie and I are still working out the fine details of the Catholic Icing membership, and it hasn't been 100% decided exactly if or how we will be selling these resources once the membership month has past. For now, nearly everything you have seen featured in the membership is exclusively offered in the membership. When they are offered in the future through our regular shops, the materials are not … [Read more...]

How To Celebrate Saint Feast Days With Kids

Years ago I set out on a journey to start living the Catholic faith at home and make it fun for my kids. I would later learn that this concept is called living the liturgical year at home. All this means is that we are celebrating holidays and holy days with our kids, but days from the church calendar rather than the secular calendar. I have a post all about how to get started living liturgically … [Read more...]

How To Draw A Lamb

TGIF!!! And you know what that means- your weekly Friday how to draw video. Yay! 🎉. Today is how to draw a lamb! 🐑 This is perfect for the Gospel reading this Sunday “behold the lamb of God” and also for St. Agnes’s feast day which is January 21 (she is almost always depicted holding a lamb). I am super excited about this step by step video for kids!  You can find all … [Read more...]

Monthly Feast Days And Devotions (Resources For Catholic Kids)

I love coming up with fun and creative ways to celebrate the church year with kids! Sometimes I refer to this as "living liturgically" or "living the liturgical year". You can find my post about how to live the liturgical year here. This page will help you find the resources and links you need based on the month. Click any month to find everything you need- feast days, printables, links, lessons, … [Read more...]

How To Draw The Most Holy Name Of Jesus

I am still loving these drawing these weekly Friday how to draw videos for you guys! This week I decided to make a video for how to draw The Holy Name Of Jesus which is perfect for this time of year. The feast of the most holy name of Jesus is January 3, and in the Catholic church the entire month of January is dedicated to His holy name! This step by step video makes drawing the holy name of … [Read more...]

Golden Epiphany Eggnog- A Symbolic Liturgical Recipe

The Epiphany is 12 days after Christmas and is the day that the 3 kings arrived to visit Baby Jesus. Many families celebrate Christmas all the way through the Epiphany and it's a really great way to keep the Christmas season going! Our family loves to celebrate the liturgical year and you can find all of my resources for celebrating the Epiphany with kids here. There are many ways to enjoy this … [Read more...]

Celebrating the Epiphany With Catholic Kids

There are many traditions for celebrating the Epiphany that stem from all over the world! From King's cake to chalking your door, I have a great round up of Epiphany traditions for families here. The feast itself is a celebration of the 3 kings arriving to visit baby Jesus, and there are many ways to celebrate the Epiphany with kids. So lets dive into the ideas! Since it's January, check … [Read more...]

Epiphany Star Sandwiches -Easy Recipe For Kids

Maybe you know or maybe you don't, but Christmas is not just a day, it's a season! Celebrating the whole Christmas season with your kids can be a great way to make them understand the true meaning of Christmas, and we love to celebrate all the way through the Epiphany! Traditionally the Epiphany comes after the 12 days of Christmas on January 6th, but it can be moved to the nearest Sunday. Check … [Read more...]

Celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas With Catholic Kids

When living the liturgical year, first comes the Advent season, then comes the Christmas season. For Catholics, Advent is a season for waiting and preparation. Christmas day starts the Christmas season, which isn't a day but actually continues. In fact, there are 12 whole days of Christmas, and they go all the way through the Epiphany! Sometimes the 12 days of Christmas are referred to as the 12 … [Read more...]