Reconciliation Craft For Catholic Kids

We are still preparing for Lydia’s First Reconciliation at home, but Reconciliation is a Sacrament that we and our children should be receiving often. It’s never the wrong time to be learning more about the Sacrament of Confession. This craft focuses on the “Treasures Of Reconciliation”. I found it here, and thought it was an absolutely beautiful craft! I knew I had to make it with my kids. 🙂

teach children the treasures of the sacrament of reconciliation

first reconciliation- teach kids

This was such a fun craft to make! We got to pull out all of the really fun craft supplies. I wanted this craft to be really special and memorable for them, so I pulled out all of my best stuff. You could make this craft out of a variety of many materials, but here’s what we did.

Supplies Needed:

  • Construction Paper (Brown for the chest, and whatever color you want for your background.)
  • Glue Stick
  • Foiled Paper (My kids loved having shiny paper! You can buy it by the sheet in the scrapbooking aisle at craft stores, or you can use regular paper if you want. We actually utilized gold doilies leftover from our Monstrance project, green shamrock doilies leftover from Trinity Sundaes, heavy duty foil left from our giant Miraculous Medals, and red and gold paper leftover from turning chocolate Santas into chocolate St. Nicholases. lol!)
  • Self Sticking Craft Jewels (It’s really nice to have the ones that stick like stickers rather than needing glue. If you’re trying to save money, you can use sequins and white glue instead.)
  • Black Sharpie Marker
  • Golden Doilies (optional)
  • Glitter Glue (in a variety of colors)

Also, think creatively! Candy wrappers can be shiny, old jewelry, if you have any old locks you can glue on the front, raid your gift wrap drawer- think outside the box. 🙂

First, cut a long rectangle from your brown paper, and fold the top third down to be the lid. Glue onto your background paper like so without gluing the flap down.

how to make a treasure chest from paper

Now you want to go ahead and decorate the outside of your treasure chest. We glued 2 golden strips down the sides and drew dots on them with a sharpie marker. On the lid of our treasure chest, we glued on a pieces of golden doilies, and then another piece of golden paper where we drew a key hole with a sharpie.

treasures of reconciliation craft

Now you’re ready for the fun to begin! Start cutting out jewel shapes from your beautifully colored paper. Each one has a “Treasure Of Reconciliation” written on it with a sharpie. We used the ones I found on the original craft, and added one of our own. Here are the ones we used:

  •  Takes away my sins
  • Increases my treasures in heaven
  • Helps me say no to sin
  • Makes my soul more beautiful
  • Restores grace to my soul
  • Helps me to be good
  • Reconciles us with Jesus

reconciliation craft for kids

It’s best to first glue down the shape, and then write the treasure in. You’re less likely to smear the marker this way. Avoid placing any jewels on the crease line where your lid folds, or where you’ll see them from the outside of the treasure chest. We cut all different shapes for the jewels- I cut the shapes out of scrap paper and let my kids trace them, which helped a lot. They had so much fun as they worked!

first reconciliation treasure craft

Once you have all the jewels in place, decorate all around them with your stick on jewels. I suggest that you add glitter glue details last to go as long as possible without the fear of dragging your hand through wet glue.

first reconciliation craft for catholic kids

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Lydia (age 7) wrote her own treasures on, but I wrote them in for Julian (my 5 year old). He was, however, able to build the rest of the craft (mostly) on his own, and he really enjoyed decorating all the jewels! I did not attempt this craft with my 3 year old. She woke up from her nap while we were in the middle of this and I just let her play with some glitter glue until we were finished.

first confession craft for catholic kids

Even I had fun making this craft! (What, ya’ll didn’t know I actually make my own crafts when I’m crafting with my kids? Pretty much always. It keeps me from doing that annoying mommy stuff where I want to do theirs for them so it looks really nice.) 😉 Here is mine after I decorated with stick-on jewels.

first confession craft for kids

And here is mine again after I filled in with glitter glue.

first reconciliation- teach kids

Kids always love sparkly stuff, and this craft just seems extra special and worth the specialty supplies! The glitter glue will need to dry overnight. In the morning, you can write “Treasures Of Reconciliation” in on your background paper. You can write this with a marker or glitter glue.

Here are our finished products:

teach children the treasures of reconciliation

teach children about the sacrament of confession

teach kids about reconciliation

My kids especially love how they don’t look that special until you open them, and then WOW! This really is a special craft that would be precious to do anytime you’re learning about or preparing for the Sacrament of Reconciliation with children. We are putting ours in our First Communion Journal.

PS. I sure hope these pictures are doing the craft justice because it is super hard to photograph shiny stuff!

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  1. Tracy Bua Smith says

    This looks beautiful! I’m pinning this as my 4th child will be receiving First Reconciliation and First Communion next year! I’ll be saving this “treasure” to use then! 🙂 May you have a blessed Lent Lacy!

  2. Katie ODonnell says

    Any woah I could purchase a dozen sets of these from you
    I am teaching second grade CCD and am not crafty enough to have it look so nice

    I know the kids would love doing this

    • This is probably actually a lot easier than you think it is. I’m sure you could put it together with no problem.

      Lacy doesn’t sell craft kits, although lots of people have inquired about that in the past. Sorry!

      Angie, Catholic Icing Project Manager