Psalms Notebooking Pages- Free To Print

We have been continuing on our journey of religious notebooking, and today we covered the topic of the Psalms! I have been creating these notebooking pages as a series to go along with the book Tell Me About The Catholic Faith, but you could certainly use these to teach kids about the Psalms whether or not you are reading that book. You can find the entire 130 page pack of matching notebooking pages here

printable psalm cards and notebooking pages

My Thoughts On These Pages:

On the David pages, I really think they could have skipped the part about David watching Bathsheba bathe. I don’t mind them telling that part of the story, but I just feel like this detail is a little inappropriate for children. It could have said something more appropriate, such as “she caught his eye” or something. The Psalms pages were good- very straight forward.

David- Bible Notebooking Page

This David notebooking page is free to print!

bible notebooking pages- david

Remember that the point of notebooking pages rather than workbook pages is that the child creates their own content. There are 5 stones on the page. Your child simply draws or writes one thing he or she remembers about David on each stone. There are little pictures at the top of the page to help jog the memory.

Download the King David Bible Notebooking Page Here

king david notebooking page- free to print

Psalms For Kids

*Heads up!* Catholic and protestants number the Psalms differently, so be careful using non-Catholic resources for these!

More things I told my kids about the book of Psalms:

  • The book of Psalms is a collection of songs, prayers, and poetry.
  • We think many of them were written by King David and played on his harp.
  • We sing from the book of Psalms at every Mass. (We looked at our Mass book– there is a picture of King David playing his harp beside the Psalm section. They are so tickled to make connections like this!)
  • The Bible was written in a different language, so each translation to English is a little different. For instance, a sentence might say “God’s love is forever” or it might say “God’s love is everlasting” or it might say “God love is never ending”. Even though these are all a little different, they mean the same thing, so that’s why you might hear it a little differently every time.
  • When we read the Psalms, they can become our own prayers. Sometimes when we can’t come up with exactly the words we want to say to God, the Psalms have the words for us.
  • There are different kinds of Psalms: they can be happy, sad, joyful, or even angry. There are Psalms of thanksgiving, suffering, and Psalms for asking for forgiveness.

My Printables:

I made these Psalm Scripture Memory cards, and they are free to print for all of my subscribers!

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printable psalm scripture cards

We used these in conjunction with one of the notebooking pages I made. I let my kids color this “My Favorite Psalms” sheet while I went through the cards. When one of them really jumped out at one of the kids, I let them have it and glue it down. They were also welcome to write in any of their favorite Psalms (such as one that one of their siblings got first that they liked.) 😉

psalms- free printable notebooking page

I also made a notebooking page with the first Psalm. I read it to the kids several times, and we talked about it as they drew imagery from the Psalm around the big border. In the final version of the notebooking page, I made the words with strong imagery such as “tree planted by streams of water”, “fruit”, and “day and night” in a bigger and slightly different font. This way, it’s easier for kids to remember what they might want to draw.

Download The Psalm Notebooking Pages Here

It’s fine to choose one of the other of these notebooking pages for Psalms- you don’t need to do both. 🙂

The Pack Is Now Ready For Download!!!

Edited to say- the whole pack of these notebooking pages is now complete, and you can get your set here!

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free catholic notebooking pages- tell me about the catholic faith