New Online Community For Catholic Moms (AND A Flash Sale!)

I am super excited to announce that today is opening day for an all new online community for Catholic moms! It’s called The Faith Weavers, A Community Of Catholic Moms Living The Liturgical Year. The name was chosen based on this post I wrote about weaving the faith into your every day lives with your kids. 

I am launching this group with a fantastic bunch of amazing Catholic mothers, some of who you may already know! 


It is a private group, meaning only the members can see what’s posted in there. For now members can approve other members, so when you’re in, feel free to invite and approve your friends! This is going to be a community of all women, so please don’t approve men. 

If the links above aren’t working for you, copy and paste this into your facebook search bar:

Faith Weavers (A Community Of Catholic Moms Living The Liturgical Year)

This is the one you’re looking for:

It’s a group, not a business page, so it’s very community focused. This is a place where you can share your own pictures and ideas for living the liturgical year at home without all of the time and effort that is involved with blogging! So if you have some cute pictures or ideas for celebrating a feast day, you can share them with the community! Also, if you’re looking for ideas for something in particular, it will be a great place to ask because the ladies there will know where the good stuff is! 

This community is going to be a wealth of information for moms living the liturgical year with their kids! 

Also, we are trying to get 2 different hashtags off the ground that can help our liturgical year community connect across any platform. Please use these hashtags freely in Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, or wherever you may be online. 



We are kicking this community off today with the annual Saint costume share and contest! You share pictures of your Saint costumes and “vote” for your favorites by clicking the like button. Vote for as many as you want! Head over and join The Faith Weavers group to be a part of the fun! The 3 pictures with the most “likes” will receive a free copy of A Picture Book Of The Mass Illustrated By The Masters
You can also go ahead and start sharing pictures, ideas, and links for celebrating All Saints’ Day with kids! 

Saint Puppet Ebook- FLASH SALE! $1!

Also, I am celebrating the launch of this new amazing facebook community with a flash sale on my Saint Puppet Ebook! 

This download has been $3 for YEARS and from right now just through October 31 it’s only $1!!! The large group file has also been marked down from $5 to just $3, so get yours right now!!! 

Can’t wait to see ya’ll over in the Faith Weavers group! God bless!!! 


  1. Have looked for the Faith Weavers group on facebook, but I can not find it…help?

    • Hi Jen –

      Unfortunately, the group didn’t work out quite as we had hoped and was also taking an enormous amount of time to moderate, so the group has been archived.

      Angie, Catholic Icing Project Manager

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