Ideas for Celebrating Candlemas- Feb 2

Whether you call it Candlemas, or the Presentation of our Lord, or the Purification of the Virgin Mary there are many fun ways to celebrate this with your family! Here are some food, craft, and other activity ideas to help with your celebration 🙂

This is also the fourth joyful mystery of the rosary!

Crepes are a very traditional Candlemas food (especially in

Europe)! Try this step by step perfect batter crepe recipe.

Cottage Blessings had a Candlemas tea 🙂

Find her menu here and pictures of the event here.

If you have a Candlemas tea, I can’t help but thinking

making teacup candles would be the perfect craft!

Find step by step directions with Clarabow’s Blog.

I love how Crafty in Coffeeland set up their nativity figures

while reading the Presentation of our Lord story from the bible.

Here’s a printable coloring page of Simon and Anna

with baby Jesus at the presentation.

Try folding your napkins like candles!

Find Directions on Better Homes and Gardens.
Don’t forget to check out all of my candle posts for more craft and food ideas! You might also take the time to sing “This Little Light of Mine” with your kids. Light lots of candles at your dinner table, and take your candles to church to be blessed by your priest. This is technically the end of the Christmas season, so it can be a fun tradition to leave your nativities out until this day as well. How does your family celebrate Candlemas?

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