Crepes For Candlemas (Catholic Traditions And An EASY Recipe)

I have a whole post here about how and why to celebrate Candlemas (February 2) with your family, but it is a long tradition to eat crepes on this day and that’s exactly what my family loves to do! As a Catholic liturgical feast day this is celebrated as the feast of the presentation of Jesus at the temple. Crepes are so traditional on Candlesmas in France that they call it “Jour de Crepes” or the “day of crepes”. So what do we want to do? Eat crepes for Candlemas!

You may think making crepes sound too complicated to whip up at home, but even though I’m culinary challenged, these are actually not hard to make. Maybe slightly more complicated than pancakes but only because they have to be cooked 1 at a time rather than the normal 6 at a time pancakes I usually pour on my griddle.

2 Tips For Making Easy Crepes

  1. Mix them in your blender! First of all this makes mixing the badder super easy. Secondly, it is super handy to pour the batter straight from the pitcher shape. 
  2. Twirl the pan. This is the secret that makes crepes makable for all us normies at home that don’t have one of those fancy crepe making wiper thingies. You just pour the batter in the pan like a pancake, then pick up the pan and swirl it around, using your friend, gravity, to spread the batter thin in the pan right away. Viola! Nice skinny crepes at home!

The recipe we use for crepes is here: Easy Homemade Crepes Recipe

Symbolism For Candlemas Crepes

  • Jesus was prophesied to be the light for the Gentiles at His presentation by Simeon, so the crepes are the shape of the sun, our light! 
  • Traditionally candles are lit and blessed on this day to symbolize Jesus as the light of the world, so for extra symbolism you can add candles to the top of your crepes. We use the birthday cake candles from the kitchen drawer.
  • Try marmalade! It’s flame colored and can definitely make your crepes appear more like the sun!
  • Roll the crepes into tubes, making them candle shaped. My kids love this one!

Once you have your crepes made you can put whatever on them that you like. We fixed ours with jam and powdered sugar. 

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My kids are always happy to see crepes coming, and the candles just make it all the more fun for them!

Of course, filling the crepes with jam, sprinkling them with powdered sugar, and adding whipped cream to the top doesn’t hurt anything 😉

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