Resurrection Rolls (4 Ways To Make Them And A Printable!)

Resurrection rolls are one of my family’s favorite traditions to make year after year at Easter! They are also known as “Empty Tomb Rolls” because when you bite into the cinnamon sugar awesomeness, they’re totally hollow just like the tomb on Easter morning! Over the years I have tried many variations of the resurrection rolls recipe. I have made them from scratch, I have made them from canned crescent rolls, and even canned biscuits! You can find all of my meaningful holy week recipes for kids here. Today, I want to tell you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about resurrection rolls, and offer you a printable.

I love to serve them for Easter breakfast or brunch, and they’re super delicious straight from the oven!

The Symbolism Behind Resurrection Rolls

What do resurrection rolls mean?

Each ingredient and step of the recipe process symbolizes a part of the true passion and Easter story. 

Resurrection Roll Ingredients and what they symbolize:

  • Melted butter- this symbolizes the oils that were brought to the tomb on Easter morning for the body of Jesus
  • Cinnamon sugar mixture- likewise, Mary Magdalene would have also been bringing spices to the tomb on Easter morning to prepare Jesus’ body, and this spice mixture represent that
  • Rolled out dough- This represents the linen cloth that Jesus’ body was rolled in 

Resurrection Rolls Recipe Printable PDF Story

I have a brand new download to help you make resurrection rolls with your kids in a meaningful way! The complete directions are included and mixed in with the story you tell your kids while you work. It’s so easy to have this all available on your paper as you are making the rolls. The pack also comes with a bonus recipe card, and a table display card. Now, no matter where you bring and serve your resurrection rolls, everyone will know the symbolism behind them! 

Note: this resurrection rolls download is already a part of my Symbolic Holy Week And Easter Cookbook for families. So if you already have my cookbook, you already have access to this! 😉

But if you want just the resurrection rolls recipe printables, I do sell them separately from my Holy Week cookbook. I love how they include all the story mixed in with the process of how to make the rolls as well as a recipe card and a table display card. Get your pack now!

Making Resurrection Rolls From Canned Crescent Rolls

This is how we made resurrection rolls for year! You can find my full directions for making resurrection rolls with canned crescent rolls here. 

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Making Resurrection Rolls From Canned Biscuits

After years of making resurrection rolls from crescent rolls, I was in a pinch and biscuits was all I had. Well I tried it and it worked like a dream! In fact, I think the rolls were even easier to shape and baked up looking a little nicer. Look how many flaky layers these babies had! You can find my full directions for making resurrection rolls from canned biscuits here.

Making Resurrection Rolls From Scratch

So it happened to me… it was time to make resurrection rolls and I hadn’t bought the canned biscuits. Whoops! 

No need to worry! I have a super easy recipe for making resurrection rolls from scratch! No yeast, no kneading, no fuss. Also, the homemade version of these is hands down the favorite version of empty tomb rolls from every single person in my family.

Gluten Free Resurrection Rolls

For any families dealing with a gluten intolerance, you might want to check out this recipe for gluten free resurrection rolls

Displaying Cute Resurrection Rolls

There are so many cute ways to display these little Easter treats! 

I also love carefully cutting each one in half and serving them up this way! They truly look like empty tomb rolls when they’re served like this. 

Even More Meaningful Easter Recipes For Kids

To find even more meaningful recipes to point your family towards the true meaning of Easter, I would definitely encourage you to check out my ebook, The Symbolic Holy Week & Easter Cookbook