How To Craft A Thurible For Catholic Kids

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I’m continuing my series, showing you how to make a Mass kit for kids piece by piece. Today, I’m going to show you how to craft a thurible, which is the incense thingy.

how to craft a thurible

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Supplies Needed: 

  • Wiffle ball
  • Chain (a pet chain, a chain for hanging plants, a necklace chain, etc) or golden string or rope
  • Gold spray paint
  • Optional: small bowl and spoon or tongs

wiffle ball transformation

If your wiffle ball is old and gross like ours, you need to clean it first. If it has some little pieces of plastic peeling off, sand them smooth with sand paper.

Now you’re ready to paint! I got all of my Mass objects ready first so I could spray paint everything at the same time. Spray painting a ball is a little tricky, but you’ll get it in a few coats. I attached our chain (which was from a plant hanging basket kit) by putting it in a wiffle ball hole, and bending it out with pliers too large to come back out. You could also tie it on with a string through one of the holes- whatever works for your particular ball and chain.

Optinal: also paint a bowl and small spoon or tongs gold. These can serve as the incense bowl to put more pretend incense in.  I used a bowl from the Dollar Tree (4 for $1) and an old measuring spoon, which actually looked quite nice once it was spray painted.

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incense bowl craft

We hung our thurible from a thumb tack on the wall. I was thinking that if you had access to an extra one of those things you hang fireplace tools on, that would be pretty awesome. Or, if you put the thurible on a short chain, you could hang it from one of those things that’s meant to hold bananas. Things like this for me always depend on running into just the right thing for the right price at a thrift store. But our thumb tack works just fine. 😉

how to craft a thurible

This is one of my kid’s favorite piece of the Mass kit (naturally). I think as a toy, this would prove to be kind of crazy and possibly dangerous, but at our house we only play Mass reverently, so it works.

Remember that this is just one piece in my larger Mass kit series.

diy mass kit for kids


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