Free St. Michael Printables!

Vee over at Paper Dali has tons of great FREE Catholic printables, including this St. Michael paper doll. I just love her paper dolls! You can use it to celebrate the feast of St. Michael and the archangels coming up on September 29 🙂

And here’s a St. Michael Fun Facts Sheet
for kids from Catholic Online.



  1. I lvoe Vee's creations. and thanks for the prayer card reference. the new laminating machine is a bit hit here with home made holy cards !

  2. I just love your blog … I'm not creative in the least, but I sure do take direction from those who are. Please keep it up! And my 4yo is enjoying the preschool curriculum about as much as I am!

  3. Awww, thanks, Laci. (And you, too, Gardenia!)

    Sharing the love!

  4. Pauline McPetrie says

    Great little site, ive managed to get info on St Michael for my little boys confirmation thanks

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