First Communion Ideas


I’ve been finding some more first communion ideas around and couldn’t help but share them with all of you! 🙂

Check out these georgeous cookies from Bake at 350.
(You can order a  Chalice Cookie Cutter)
Cookies in the shape of chalices and communion wafers
Love these directions on Real Life at Home for

how to make a first communion banner.

Blue bannker with decorations of a communion chalice, communion wafer and cross reading "Jack K. 4/26/09"

This First Communion File Folder Game is
free to print over on The Catholic Toolbox! Love it!

Board game with a communion chalice and eucharist in the center


If you’re still looking for first communion gift ideas,
this Eucharistic Rosary from Clay Rosaries with Sarah
is absolutely breathtaking! And I love unique stuff 😉
*Thanks for sharing this link, Jamie Jo!*

Colorful rosary with mulicolored beads

Consider making your own first communion veil.

Find directions on Craft Stylish.

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White veil

Find Holy Eucharist Bingo also on the Catholic Toolbox.

Holy Eucharist Bingo Printable
I love these adorable gift bags made by
Burning the Candle at Both Ends.
Baket with multiple small gift bags inside


at the Catholic Toolbox. She’s just a gem mine of ideas!

Picture Book of the Mass


  1. Angie @ Many Little Blessings says

    Thanks so much for linking to my First Communion banner tutorial! You know I love your site, so I'm delighted to be on it. 🙂

  2. Please delete this message….

  3. Here's another website for rosaries:

    We had one made for our daughter who will soon be receiving her first communion. It has her full name and forget-me-not and heart shaped beads.

    I also had one made for my husband to take with him while he is deployed to Afghanistan with each of our names on it and American Flag beads for the "Our Father" beads.

    You can really get creative with personalizing one 🙂

    -Mary Pearl

  4. Thank you so much for featuring my little cookies! 🙂 I made them for my son's First Communion.

    I'm honored to be here…thank you!

  5. OK, we are doing the gift bags (I have a Eucharistic stamp, we'll stamp them) and the cookie cutter…(if it doesn't come in time, we'll make them for someone else's FHC) and the coloring sheets….we'll print some for our "little" guests!

    (obviously we already ordered our clay rosaries!)

    You always do such a good job, I really appreciate it Lacy!

  6. Sarah Harkins says

    Lacy, I got a few orders from people reading your blog, so I had to check it out. Your blog is amazing! You do so many neat things. I will definitely check it out more often. Also, thank you for featuring my rosaries! I have a blog about my work, family and life too: If you're up to it, I could host a giveaway on your site. I haven't done one yet, but I feel like I owe you something! Thanks Again!

  7. Cramming last minute here for my daughter's FHC on Sunday. I am so behind after having a baby! Thanks for the gift of your blog and putting everyone's good ideas all in one place.

  8. First Communion Gifts says

    Kaye will be having her first communion next month, and I am stress now searching for ideas for her party!

  9. First Communion Rosary Beads says

    Ella my niece is having her first communion next week, and she can't to be excited!

  10. Hey could we use you blog pictures on our website?

    • That depends. I usually allow my images to be used as long as you use one 1 of any project, and link back to my site without including your own directions or supply lists on completing the project. Also, you may not remove watermarks.