Eggless Easter Egg Hunt Idea (Craft And Activity!)

We may not have access to eggs, and we may not be able to gather in groups and maybe we can’t even go outside, but we can still have a fun egg hunt! This fun Easter egg art project delights kids, and is a fun and easy way to keep them occupied! You can find more of my quarantine Easter celebration ideas here. 

How To Have An Eggless Egg Hunt

The idea is that you color paper eggs to make it blend into a part of the house and match their surroundings. Then you put some loops of tape on the back, and tape it to where it blends in. It’s like the egg has camouflage for your house!

Some tips for your eggless egg hunt craft:

  • Print the egg template (available below) and use the blank eggs for kids.
  • Cut out the egg shapes and then color on the BACK of the eggs. That ensures that the black printed outlines of the eggs don’t give your camouflage away.
  • Set rules about where your egg hunt will be. You could say only the living room or something like that. Our rule was no bedrooms because I don’t like people going through personal bedrooms, but we made everywhere else fair game. 
  • Have a stack of eggs ready for the craft and let your kids color them whenever they feel like it. 
  • The adults should make an egg, too! 
  • The kids can hold onto their eggs until you’re ready for the “hunt”
  • Then everyone secretly tapes their eggs where they belong. The room will need to be empty while they are taping so that no one sees where the egg is going. 
  • Use several loops of tape on the back of the egg. The better you stick the edges down, the less visible they are so the edges don’t leave shadows.
  • Hunt for the camouflage eggs, but do NOT reveal the location when you find one. Everyone is looking for every egg!
  • Tell everyone how many eggs there are. 
  • Carry a piece of paper around as you hunt, and make a note about each egg you find. 
  • Instruct the kids to try and be “sneaky” when they find one, not staring at it while they make their notes. 
  • Compare notes when everyone either gives up, or finds all the eggs! 
  • Have fun! 🙂

Include Distant Friends And Family

You can also take pictures, and send them to your friends and family to see if they can spot the eggs as well. Sometimes they’re quite hard to spot! The kids love lining up the eggs and coloring them sneaky and blending them into their surroundings. Check out this one on the door of our kitchen!

It is so hard to see!!!

Anabelle was absolutely delighted with this one!

Eggless Egg hunt free download:

My download includes a page with the simple egg outline template to print. It’s a very simple download, and maybe you don’t even need it, but here you go anyway.

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Hunt For The Eggs In Our House

Check out how some more of these eggs my kids hung around the house! I love spotting them as I am going about my day. They are a happy little surprise! 

Can’t wait to see the pictures our cousins send of their eggless egg hunt!

Silly rabbit! Easter is for Jesus!!!

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Make it about the lamb, not the bunny!