Celebrate Trinity Sunday with “Trinity Sundaes”

Ya, I’m pretty much obsessed with the idea of Liturgical Sundaes because they’re so easy! This coming Sunday is Trinity Sunday (the Sunday following Pentecost), so without further adieu, I give you the Trinity Sundae:

Trinity Ice Cream Sundae

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Neapolitan ice cream was a no-brainer: 3 flavors, one ice cream. The trinity: 3 persons, one God.

Ice cream sundae bowl on shamrock-shaped green doily
I also set out shamrock doilies left from St. Patrick’s Day because the shamrock is a very popular symbol of the Trinity.
Neopolating sundae in a glass bowl on shamrock doily
What a yummy treat for a hot Summer day!
Neopolatin ice cream sundae
A few years ago for St. Patrick’s Day, I made trinity shamrock bowls out of the bottom of Sprite bottles. You can see my post on how to make shamrock bowls here. I couldn’t find our shamrock bowls for these Sundaes, but I did look for them. :-/ I’m seriously the least organized person in the world!
If you’re in an ice cream sort of mood this week, Spell Outloud has a whole post on playing ice cream shop with your kids with printable labels, menus, and recipes for ice cream-scented Play-Doh! Too cute! Your kids could run their own Liturgical ice cream stand! 😉
Play-Doh Ice Cream Bowls
So, Trinity Sundaes… easy? Check! Yummy? Check! Educational? Check! Giving your children a love of the church? Check! You have 3 shopping days before Trinity Sunday to pick up some Neapolitan ice cream, and your kids and I definitely think you should do so. 😉 How does your family celebrate Trinity Sunday? Leave your ideas and links in the comments!


  1. tried to pull up the “trinity sundaes” but never got anywhere. Love to see the idea

  2. Made Trinity Sundaes with my sons tonight and they said it was “the best church craft ever”! Thank you for such a fun idea! My oldest (8) went through his Action Bible (love that Bible!) and came up with ice cream flavors that represented the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit –pretty much the same flavors you had, but it was great for him to come up with them on his own and be able to explain them. Thanks again. I love how easy your instructions are and how well you explain your crafts.