Baby Present Ideas for the Mother Who Already Has Everything

It’s bound to happen in our awesome, Catholic, no-birth-control-using circles, right? You have a friend that’s having a baby, and it’s number 2, 3, 4, or 12. You love her and want to get something to celebrate this new life, and that’s great! Trust me, there are plenty of things you need or want for your second baby that you don’t already have. (Keep in mind, this list is coming from someone who had 4 kids in 6 years… I do have some experience in this area.) 😉

baby present ideas for mother of many

  • Matching sibling outfits. I recently did this for a friend. Get coordinating outfits for all of the children in the correct sizes so the kids can all match. I absolutely love coordinating my girl’s outfits, and matching sets have to come new from a store- there’s no finding matching stuff like this at a yard sale. Even boys and girls can coordinate without matching.
  • Baby clothes. This sounds obvious, but it’s a great option. If the mother is having her first boy or first girl, this is a no-brainer. But even if she already has 4 little girls, chances are, the baby clothes she has saved have seen better days and it will be refreshing to have a crisp outfit for the new bundle of joy.
  • Gifts for the older kid(s). For instance, new baby is probably moving into the infant car seat, but does big sibling have a booster chair? A potty chair? A big boy tricycle? A big girl bed? Clothes in toddler sizes? Chances are, the older child(ren) have some things they will need now that their old stuff is getting passed down.
  • Consumables.  You can never go wrong with consumables such as diapers, wipes, baby shampoo, lotion, diaper cream, baby medicines, etc because chances are, the last baby already consumed them. On second thought… you can totally go wrong. Take it from someone with 4 tiny kids-babies don’t stay in size 1 diapers any time at all. If you want to do the parents a favor, buy size 2. They stay in those for several months.
  • Baby monitor. These get worse with age and don’t pick up sound very well after being used for a few years. Ask me how I know.
  • Something cutting edge. Hey, Bumbos were invented between my number 1 and number 2, and they weren’t that far apart. You can’t register for what doesn’t yet exist. Seek out a new baby trend that wasn’t around when they had their first babies. There’s always some new brand of baby carrier that is soooo much better than last year’s baby carrier.
  • Double Stroller. If they’re going on number 2, and number 1 ain’t that big yet, this is a pretty good bet.
  • Portrait Session. This is a great idea- make sure baby number next doesn’t slip between the cracks of their own trip to the portrait studio.
  • New Pacifiers and/or Bottles. These can get gross in storage. Also, at my house, the 2 year old is most probably still using her pacifiers. 😉
  • Something Personalized with a Name. Have something monogrammed- then it truly belongs to that baby and will become a keepsake.
  • A Book With the Baby’s Name. Look up a children’s book that has a character with the new baby’s name in it. Only buy it if the character with that name is portrayed in a good light. lol. Write a personalized message in the front of the book. In my experience, the parents love this!
  • A Religious Keepsake for baby. Maybe a crib medal, or something specific to the Saint they’re being named after. You can never go wrong with baby’s first rosary either.
  • Be frivolous. Hey, Mom and Dad don’t need anything anyway, right? So may as well splurge on some adorable headbands, shoes, coat, baby bag, or a great wall hanging for the nursery.

baptism baby picture

When in doubt, approach the parents and ask them what they need. Make a few suggestions so they can get an idea for the price-range you are searching in. It’s better to get them something that is useful and they will love than to get them a “surprise”, so simply asking them could be the best way to figure out the perfect gift. 🙂

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  1. A gift certificate for photos! Often Groupon or Department Stores will have specials for photographs. This would make a great gift for the Mother of Many!

  2. Great ideas!

    One more suggestion, especially for those looking to spend a little more on the new parents or those wanting to make a group purchase:
    A cleaning service for a few weeks and/or a postpartum doula (who will mother the mother while she recovers from birth and readjusts to life.)

    We have three and I told my hubby that those were my only requests when we have another. 😀

    • The cleaning service is a great idea! Maybe you could offer to do some cleaning yourself if you didn’t have the money for it.

  3. I’m hoping someone will get me the new Nesting Days baby carrier!

  4. I just recently hosted a frozen food shower for a third time mommy. Everyone brought a frozen meal for the couple. So after everyone had brought them meals they still had some easy they could just stick on the oven.

  5. Most of these things are nice but I tend to go even more practical with food, food, food. Even with twins, the babies could wear the same few outfits over and over but I still needed to feed the rest of the family three meals a day. Someone bringing over a casserole or pizza is akin to gold in those early newborn months.

  6. Frozen food shower?? That’s absolutely brilliant, Becky! As a mom of 5, the best gift I received was a huge assortment of batteries. Sounds goofy, but it seems like I never have enough AAs for all those toys!

  7. I make religious keepsakes and framed acrostic names for babies, children, and even adults! If you are ever interested, feel free to check out my shop, Those ideas are terrific, Lacy!

  8. In my opinion meals are pretty much the greatest gift for a new mom – even a first time mom. I was so grateful to not have to cook when I had my children – even just a couple nights off during the week is a big break. I have given freezer meals, friends and I have each taken a night to deliver a hot meal, and I have given restaurant gift certificates (only places that deliver and really good for long-distance friends/family) and they have all been well-received.

  9. Christine says

    Meals! I loved when friends brought over dinner so I didn’t have to think about it on those days. The other comment about frozen meals is great!

  10. Some of the ideas are excellent – the religious item, personalized items if you know the new baby’s name – I may add these to my mental list for future baby gifts!

    I would be hesitant to buy a few of the other items because I can’t keep track of everyone’s parenting choices – Do they diaper with chemicals or cloth? Do they need bottles and formula (what kind?), or do they nurse? Are they even comfortable allowing bumbo seats in the house? Do they use baby outfits or prefer sleep ‘n plays only? Do they use name brand baby toiletries or are they only comfortable with organic? Would they like their kids dressed alike for a picture or is that just not their kind of thing? The list goes on… I just hate to spend money on something that may go against a parent’s wishes and will just be another item that they then have to figure out what to do with since they can’t use it.

    Usually, for subsequent babies when there is no registry, I just get a gift card to Walmart or Amazon ahead of time so that the mom can pick what she needs and will actually use, then after the baby is born, I bring her at least one meal, often along with a frozen one at the same time. Seems safer that way to me, lol.

  11. A piece of “mother’s jewelry” – a necklace or bracelet with charms, beads, etc. to represent each child – might be a nice frivolous gift idea for mom. There are a lot of options on Etsy, or you could probably make your own.