Baby Moses Bible Craft For Kids- Wave In A Bottle

We’re still working on our Christian ABC craft series, and M is for Moses! Again, my co-op class is very young (1 and 2) so I’m always looking for something they can participate in and will like. I decided we would make a wave in a bottle with Baby Moses inside- just like he floats down the river in a basket in the Bible!

bible craft for kids- baby moses wave in a bottle

Ya’ll remember wave in a bottle crafts, don’t you? The bottle is filled half with water, half with oil, but they won’t mix, so it makes this really cool wave thing that is super fun to shake and watch. To be able to add Baby Moses in the bottle was just a matter of finding something that would float between the water and the oil. He really floats quite well in the wave in a bottle! Check it out!

baby moses wave in a bottle craft

You can really see in this video how well Baby Moses stays on top of the water.

Supplies Needed To Make Baby Moses Wave In A Bottle:

  • A clear bottle (like a water bottle)
  • Water
  • Oil (We used vegetable oil for some and baby oil for others)
  • Blue food color
  • Pony beads (Blue and yellow)
  • Pipe cleaners (Brown)
  • Hot glue gun (we used one of the cooler temp ones for this craft)

The trickiest part is getting the density of Baby Moses right so that he floats on the water, but sinks in the oil. I’m going to tell you what worked for us, but you’ll have to make sure you get yours floating right before you make a bunch of them incase your brands of things you buy have slightly different densities than our supplies.

To make Baby Moses, hot glue 3 blue pony beads together, then a yellow one at the top. (This is supposed to look like his blanket, and his head.) Then you bend a brown pipe cleaner around in an oval shape, and glue the baby on top. We drew a face on with sharpie marker, but it came off in the oil, so don’t bother. You can also add a little tuft of hair with a black pipe cleaner on top of his head, (my husband’s idea).

baby moses craft for kids

Some tips for getting the density of Baby Moses right:

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  • Pony beads seem to float perfectly between the oil and the water
  • I’ve heard that different kinds of oils can have different densities. It worked for us with vegetable oil and baby oil, but I didn’t try any other kinds
  • Once you glue the pony beads together, they float on top of the oil. I’m not 100% sure why this is, but I have 2 theories. Either the hot glue is less dense than the pony beads, or the hot glue creates air pockets inside the pony beads that make them float.
  • Pipe cleaners will sink in water.
  • Therefore, the baby is too light (floats on top the oil) and the pipe cleaner basket is too heavy (sinks to the bottom of the water) so when you glue them together, they float in the middle.
  • Experiment to get this right. I made a total of 10 Baby Moses for preschool class (allowing for a few extras) and out of these 8 of them floated just right.

floats between oil and water in wave in a bottle

baby moses wave in the bottle craft

Fill your bottle about half with water, then put in one drop of blue food color. (Let the kids watch the food color disperse- super cool!) Drop in the baby, fill the rest of the way with oil, and hot glue on the lid. That’s it!

They were a huge hit with my preschool class (and all of their older siblings)!

wave in the bottle craft for preschoolers

how to make a wave in the bottle- fun bible craft for kids

Here is my baby doll with hers (her first day in pig tails I might add!) She was very proud of her craft and carried it around with her for 2 whole days- lol!

preschooler with wave in the bottle craft- how to

We also read the story of Moses from our Beginner’s Bible, read the story from our Read Aloud Bible Stories Book (which I LOVE, by the way) and watched The Prince of Egypt (which is currently available to watch on Netflix streaming.) We had so much fun with these- this was a really cool twist on a wave in a bottle craft! I hope your family (or classroom) enjoys them as well. God bless!

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  1. Fun idea! Thanks for the tips about getting baby Moses to float.

  2. Elizabeth M says

    So cute, and I just read the story of baby Moses with my 6yo yesterday! This will be a great weekend project!