Advent Wreath Crafts For Kids (The Ultimate List!)

Advent is a great time to celebrate with kids! Sometimes it’s hard to find good Advent crafts because the world just seems to move straight from Halloween to Christmas, but having an Advent wreath in our home is one of our favorite family traditions for living the liturgical year! I also love to take the time to make Advent wreath crafts with kids because when kids make it themselves, it becomes their own. They are excited about it, and they absorb the information better. So they can better remember the colors and meaning of the candles, the shape of the wreath, etc, because they have made it themselves. What a great way to remember that the season of Advent is about waiting and preparing for Baby Jesus! You can find all of my Advent wreath resources for kids here, and below you will find the most ultimate list of Advent wreath crafts ever! 🙂

Advent Wreath Craft Templates

Sometimes, the simplest crafts come in the form of printables, and they’re still really fun and cute! These are often a great choice if you’re trying to craft with an entire classroom. Check out these printable Advent wreath crafts and coloring pages. 

This is a freebie from Sara J Creations for a mosaic advent wreath craft! The template is free to print, and the kids rip and glue paper to fill it all in. Super cute, right?

This printable advent wreath craft from Drawn 2 B Creative assembles in 3D. Super cool!

This printable Advent wreath coloring page actually also counts down the days of Advent- 1 holly leaf per day until Christmas! So cute and easy.

This printable advent wreath craft from Look To Him And Be Radiant is so cute and I love how she has the words for the candle meanings right on there. Free to download!

This easy handprint Advent wreath craft is a part of my printable book “Holidays In Handprints” for kids. 

More Crafty Advent Wreaths For Kids

This stained glass candle advent wreath craft from Kinder Craze is one of my favorites! It’s so cute and I am always a sucker for crafts that include handprints! Also, the template to make this is free!

Here is a set of Advent wreath craft kits that you can just order from Amazon- there are 12 kits for just under $12 so it’s a pretty good deal if you’re doing this with a larger group!

This advent wreath is made from pipe cleaners and pony beads, and it comes out looking like a tu-tu! Check it out!

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This diy paper craft advent wreath is adorable! Check it out on Sweet Little Ones

This pipe cleaner advent wreath craft from When Running Amok is super cute and simple! 

These fun glowing advent candles craft from Sun Hats And Willie Boots is perfect for the Advent season! 

This advent wreath banner craft kit is from Amazon, and it’s soooo cute! I would love to make this and hang it on the porch for Advent!

Advent Wreath Crafts For Families

If you are wanting to craft actual Advent wreaths with your kids or class, then check out some of these that actually include the function of lighting! I absolutely love sending my students home with actual advent wreaths that can function in their families. Sometimes, you are starting an actual Advent tradition for these kids! I have had many parents come back to me and tell me this is how their family got started on advent wreaths! You are truly making a difference with these kids that you craft with!

This functioning Advent wreath craft is always a favorite here! It’s so awesome because it is built with lightable birthday cake candles, so the kids make a real Advent wreath! Click over to see how to make an actual Advent wreath. 

Here is another lightable advent wreath craft and it doesn’t get any cheaper or easier than this! Check out this cute craft from Building Faith

This edible advent wreath craft using a doughnut also unilizes real candles. 

The Advent Christmas Planner- available from Catholic Icing


  1. Anna'Elyssee says

    Love your website! Awesome ideas for everything in the Liturgical Year that you could think of! I’m a teacher for our church and I’m using the Easter calendar right now trying to teach the kids about Easter. I used the Lent Calendar too and my students had a great time coloring those days and decorating it. You’re very creative., Love your ideas!

  2. Deidra Gibson says

    This is the Advent song I learned when I was a little girl singing in the choir at church

    .The Whole World Is Waiting for Love

    We’re waiting for Jesus like Mary,
    We’re waiting for Jesus the Lord.

    Come down, Lord Jesus!
    Come quickly, Lord Jesus!
    The whole world is waiting for Love,
    The whole world is waiting for Love.

    We’re laying a manger for Mary,
    A manger for Jesus the Lord.

    Come down, Lord Jesus!
    Come quickly, Lord Jesus!
    The whole world is waiting for Love,
    The whole world is waiting for Love.

    We’re making it lovely for Mary,
    So lovely for Jesus the Lord.

    Come down, Lord Jesus!
    Come quickly, Lord Jesus!
    The whole world is waiting for Love,
    The whole world is waiting for Love.

    The music is still in my head, but I’m sure if you google it you could find the tune.

  3. Quick question…Is the Advent calendar with the holly leaves included in your advent planner?

    • Hi Martha –

      The printable Advent wreath calendar is not included in the Advent and Christmas Planner.

      Angie, Catholic Icing Project Manager