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Free Paschal Candle Printable For Easter!!! (2021)

Paschal candles are a great way to celebrate the Easter season at home for all 50 days! This free download is perfect to print and wrap around your own Paschal candle for at home and is updated for the year 2021! You can find all of my ideas for celebrating all 50 days of Easter here. For now, let's look at this free Paschal candle printable for Easter 2021.   Learn About Paschal … [Read more...]

DIY Paschal Candle for Home (Catholic Easter Tradition!)

In every Catholic church you will find an "Easter Candle" (aka Paschal Candle) in the front of the church near the altar. There is a new candle each Easter, and it is lit though the entire Easter season! Having a Paschal candle at home is a great way to celebrate the Easter season at home as well! You can find all of my ideas for celebrating all 50 days of Easter here. Today, let's take a look at … [Read more...]

Designing a Paschal Candle- by Guest Blogger Ingrid Lee

I want to welcome a guess blogger today to talk to you about how to paint acrylic designs onto Paschal candles for the home! You can read all about using Paschal Candles at home during Easter time here. Easter for me is a time of reflection, it's a really special time and place where I can go within myself and make that connection to God within and truly explore the spirit of Lent and … [Read more...]

Craft an Easter Candle with Kids

Check out all of my faith-based Easter crafts and recipies for kids here! Making an Easter candle (also known as a Paschal Candle) to use at home can be a great religious Easter tradition for your family! The ones we made were made were super easy to do, and I used candles from the Dollar Tree, so this project seriously only cost us $1. Before jumping in, you can read all about how to use a … [Read more...]

Candle Crafts and Food Ideas

Candles are very important for many reasons in the Catholic church. We have Baptism candles, Paschal candles, Easter candles, and Advent candles. We celebrate Candlemas (coming up February 2) and the feast of St. Blaise is coming up on February 3. On St. Blaise's feast day, we have our throats blessed with candlesticks. To read more about St. Blaise, click here. These edible cake candles look … [Read more...]

Catholic Mom Lent Bundle (2021)

If there's anything y'all know about me, it's that I love a good deal, and I know you do too! I am so excited to share this new Catholic Mom Bundle with you for Lent of 2021, and the value is going to blow your socks off! And guess what?! For the first time ever, Catholic Icing participated in the bundle! Check out this Catholic Mom Lent Bundle for 2021! This Catholic Mom Lent Bundle is … [Read more...]

Ideas For Celebrating A Quarantined Easter Sunday

Well Easter Sunday is almost upon us, and with the world under a pandemic and many social distancing, a lot of us are going to be celebrating at home this year. And that's ok! I just wanted to send out this special edition post to offer some last minute ideas for making your Easter celebrations at home meaningful and easy for you. You can find all of my Christ centered ideas for celebrating Easter … [Read more...]

Celebrating The Entire Easter Season With Catholic Kids- All 50 Days!

All the Easter crafts, snacks, games, books, etc. couldn't possibly all happen on actual Easter Sunday- it's too much! But that’s ok because the Church, in her infinite wisdom, granted an entire season of Easter that lasts for 50 days, all the way through Pentecost!  The secular (cultural) world tends to celebrate Easter during Lent up until Easter Sunday, and then packs up all the … [Read more...]

Religious Easter Crafts And Activities For Kids

Easter is the most important feast day for Christians, and the cornerstone of our faith. But did you know that Easter is not just a day, but an entire season of the church year? It't true! Easter lasts for 50 days- all the way through Pentecost, with 8 full Sundays of Easter! We love to keep our celebration going through this season since we reserve our time before Easter observing Lent. So this … [Read more...]

Celebrating Easter with Hand painted Eggs and a Tree, by guest blogger Ingrid Lee.

I'm really happy to be writing and sharing my Easter themed artwork with you all again!  I had a lot of fun writing my last post here at Catholic Icing, about painting a Paschal candle and this time I've been invited to share my Easter Egg Tree. I didn't grow up celebrating Easter with an Easter egg tree, but because our family cultures are so diverse, I wanted to start creating traditions … [Read more...]