Designing a Paschal Candle- by Guest Blogger Ingrid Lee

I want to welcome a guess blogger today to talk to you about how to paint acrylic designs onto Paschal candles for the home! You can read all about using Paschal Candles at home during Easter time here.

Paschal Candles at Home

Easter for me is a time of reflection, it’s a really special time and place where I can go within myself and make that connection to God within and truly explore the spirit of Lent and Easter. I usually do the flower arranging in our Church at St Jude’s Parish for Holy Thursday, using the white roses and other Australian Native flowers around the parish, which I really enjoy. But last year I was really honored when I was asked to paint the Paschal candle.

Here was the design I made for last year’s Paschal candle:
Paschal Candle

How I painted the candle:
I didn’t seal the candle, or mix the paint with candle medium, I just painted straight onto the candle with acrylic paints. I used a stylus tool to freehand draw or inscribe the design into the wax so that I could see the designs. I under-painted everything in gold paint to create a rich color that would show through the layers of paint. The style of artwork on the hands was more graphic so that you could see the details of the hands from the back of the church (of course I wanted everyone to see it!!).

What does the artwork mean?
The overall idea of the candle was to express of all Easter’s significance for me in the limited area of work of a pillar candle! This was certainly a challenge because of the limited workspace! All of the detailed work in the painting was completed in purple, a significant color of Easter.

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At the very top of the candle I’d painted the verse “We Lift up our Hearts, ” which pretty much summed up the meaning of the artwork…while we accept the bread of Christ, we offer our hearts and consciousness to Christ during this time of Lent, right through to the celebration of Easter Sunday.

The base of the painted candle was completed with the Easter flower of white Lilies, the hands are offering the sacred heart, and the cross symbolizing Easter 2010, represents the joy and celebration of Easter.

Paschal Candles

This was certainly an enjoyable and fulfilling artwork for me to complete. I’ve really enjoyed sharing this artwork with you, and hopefully, it may inspire you to express your meaning of Easter on your own candles for your center pieces or paschal candle at home or church.

Ingrid Lee is an artist, writer, and educator about finding and exploring everyday creativity through art, porcelain painting, baking, embroidery, and sharing the artworks of other inspiring people. Join her creative and inspiring adventures at Ingrid Creates.


  1. Susana of Montessori Candy says

    How beautiful Ingrid! Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. Ingrid Lee says

    Hi Susana, thank for your kind words. I've really enjoyed sharing this with everyone here 🙂

  3. te felicito por ese talento que tienes es maravilloso felicidades gracias

  4. thank you Ingrid. they are beautiful! and thanks Lacy for sharing this artist with us on your site.

  5. Very beautiful Ingrid. Thanks for sharing your work with us! 😉

  6. Dear Ingrid,

    A friend of mine has been painting our Church’s Pascal candle for several years. My husband and I pay for the work. She seals the candle with a special transparent liquid and then paints in oils (I think). Anyhow, I asked her to give us a quote for this year’s candle and suggested she should increase her price as she has not increased it in about ten years.

    Could you give me an idea what would be a reasonable price to pay? I want to pay her what is right but need also to be prudent with our money.

    Her design is the usual cross with the alpha and omega and the year. She paints water flowing from the cross and two deer drinking from the running water. The deer are about an inch each and stand either side of the foot of the cross.

    She also paints a Paschal lamb with a halo, holding the victory flag halfway between the cross and the foot of the candle. The Paschal lamb is about 2 inches wide.

    Our candle is 2 feet long and has a diameter of 2 inches.

    I should be very grateful for any advice which you can give to me.

    Your work is very beautiful; thank you for showing it to us.

    God bless you.

    Best wishes,