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Weekly Mass Resources For Kids (When Attending Mass Isn’t Possible)

Well it's happening, people. Churches all over the world are closing, and Mass is not possible for everyone in the near months because of precautions taken for the coronavirus. If your Masses have been canceled where you live, or if you can't attend for another reason, your obligation is lifted. However, when Mass isn't an option, especially long term, it becomes all the more important to send the … [Read more...]

Peg Doll Mass Kit

I've posted about how to make a tiny Mass kit before, but we made ours long ago and the pieces are long missing. So here's take 2, and this time, it's totally meant for all of our awesome Saint peg dolls! I recently took part in a Saint peg doll exchange, then I came out with this set of decoupagable Saint peg dolls, so my house is pretty much rolling in these awesome holy heroes right now! … [Read more...]

How To Craft A Tabernacle; Making A Mass Kit For Catholic Kids

Find all of my Mass crafts and activities for kids here. I'm continuing my series, showing you how to make a Mass kit for kids piece by piece. Today, I'm going to show you how to easily craft a sturdy tabernacle. You can find the navigation page of how to make all the Mass kit pieces for kids here. Supplies Needed To Craft Tabernacle: Wooden box from craft store (big enough for your … [Read more...]

DIY Mini Mass Kit For Kids- Mass Resources For Catholic Kids

You can find all of my Mass resources for Catholic kids here. Find all of my peg doll resources here! I am beginning a new series called "Teach Catholic Kids About The Mass." Today, I wanted to share something with you that we actually did years ago. It's a craft with a tiny altar, tiny altar pieces, and big fun for Catholic kids! The great thing about this Mass set for kids is that … [Read more...]

Catholic Mass Crafts And Activities For Kids

I wanted one place to share all of my Mass ideas for kids, so here you go- crafts, games, books, and other learning resources! Mass Books For Kids Mass book for Catholic kids: A Picture Book Of The Mass Illustrated By The Masters is a great resource for kids and adults alike. It goes through the Mass, highlighting everything that is said out loud by the congregation, in red. All the … [Read more...]

Craft A Mass Kit For Kids- Cheap!

Find all of my Mass crafts and activities for kids here. This is my navigation page for crafting your very own Mass kit! Below, you can find all the links on how to craft the individual pieces. They are all complete with picture tutorials. Most of the pieces are made from wood or plastic. All of the items used are easily found at craft and dollar stores, plus gold spray paint! Mass kits … [Read more...]

A Picture Book of the Mass Gets a Facelift

I am very excited to announce that A Picture Book of the Mass was updated just a little with my latest printing! I commissioned some artwork for new sit, stand, and kneel symbols. Aren't they awesome?! They are by Bernadette Dubois. If you're looking for a Catholic freelance artist, you can email her at Dubois {at} temple {dot} edu. I couldn't be happier with this project! They're a … [Read more...]

Planning for Christmas Mass

As I'm sure you know, Christmas day is a Holy Day Of Obligation, so you need to go to Mass. If you have any visitors coming with you (or anyone unfamiliar with the new Mass translation) I would strongly suggest getting some copies of A Picture Book of the Mass. That way, they won't feel lost during this wonderful celebration. … [Read more...]

A Picture Book of the Mass- Review in the National Catholic Register!

Today, the National Catholic Register came out with an article on my new book- A Picture Book of the Mass Illustrated by the Masters. You can read the review here.  I'm so thrilled to get such positive feedback!  This project has been very dear to my heart, and I'm just so thankful to have had this opportunity to help share the beauty of our Catholic Mass with others.  To God be the … [Read more...]

Introducing a New Product: A Picture Book of the Mass! (For Children AND Adults!)

While I was at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Conference in Virginia, I released a new product I wanted to share with you- A Picture Book of the Mass, Illustrated by the Masters! My love for art meets my love for the Mass. :-) Order your booklets here! This is a project I've been working on since the Fall. I promise this is not your run-of-the-mill  Mass booklet for children. This is … [Read more...]