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Printable Valentines for St. Valentine’s Day

Last week, I posted some printable scripture Valentines that I’m really excited about! Today, I wanted to share a few more printable Valentines I designed. You know, Catholic Valentines. ;-) These are super colorful and fun– check them out! Click to Download These actually say “Saint Valentine” rather than plain “Happy Valentine’s Day”, so that makes me happy. And all the swirly colors make my … [Read more...]

Saint Feast Days In June (And Other Days To Celebrate With Kids!)

I love coming up with fun and creative ways to live the liturgical year at home with kids, and June is full of fun Saint feast days to celebrate! Keep scrolling to the bottom of the post because it also includes other fun June feast days and faith filled Summer activities for kids! Now let's look at these highlights of fun June Saint feast days to celebrate with links to crafts, food, and … [Read more...]

How To Celebrate Saint Feast Days With Kids

Years ago I set out on a journey to start living the Catholic faith at home and make it fun for my kids. I would later learn that this concept is called living the liturgical year at home. All this means is that we are celebrating holidays and holy days with our kids, but days from the church calendar rather than the secular calendar. I have a post all about how to get started living liturgically … [Read more...]

The Most Delicious St. Valentine’s Day Cookie Recipe

As you may have seen, I shared my family's favorite cookie recipe- the most delicious cookies ever! Besides being absolutely the yummiest cookies at all time I love how they can be decorated with different colors of sugar to take on totally different looks. We bake them for various feast days and special occasions, including St. Valentine's day. This year we made the most delicious St. Valentine's … [Read more...]

Saint Valentine’s Day With Catholic Kids- Printable Pack

I was thinking about St. Valentine's Day coming up, and I couldn't believe that I don't have St. Valentine in my Alphabet Saint pack! So I decided to make a separate pack for 'ol St. Valentine. This download was free for a limited time, but is now a paid-for download. It is $2 for the whole pack, and I hope you and your little ones enjoy it! The Saint Valentine Pack is 8 pages. It … [Read more...]

Saint Valentine’s Day Countdown Craft

So a few years back, I designed a scripture countdown chain with one love bible verse for each of the 14 days in February counting down to the feast of St. Valentine, and now, it's even better! :-) This craft is printable, and easy to assemble. Each day in February you just tear off one link and read the scripture about love with your children. That's it! A fun and easy way to … [Read more...]

Saint Valentine’s Day Poetry Tea {A Simple Way To Celebrate}

Each week, we have a "poetry tea." I need to write a post about it sometime, but essentially, we just have tea with lunch and take turns reading poetry while we eat. We've been doing this for a couple of years now, and absolutely love it! You can find all of our liturgical tea parties here, along with my tips for making tea parties extra fun for kids! I usually keep it simple, but sometimes get … [Read more...]

Celebrating St. Valentine’s Day With Catholic Kids

As Catholics, we all know that "Valentine's day" wasn't invented by the greeting card or chocolate selling companies- it's the Catholic feast day of Saint Valentine! The feast of St. Valentine falls each year on February 14. Saint Valentine is the patron Saint of lovers, bee keepers, and couples. Here are some fun activities for celebrating St. Valentine's feast day with your Catholic … [Read more...]

Scripture Craft For St. Valentine’s Day- Fun and Easy!

I'm still working on our interdenominational Christian ABC crafts for my homeschool co-op, and it's time for the letter Q. Now, Q is a tricky letter to come up with a craft for, (in Catholic ABC's we make a Queen Mary craft) but my friend Stacy helped me out with an idea that goes with Q, and works well for St. Valentine's feast day as well. Supplies Needed: Q tips Red and pink … [Read more...]

Christian Craft For St. Valentine’s Day- Open The Eyes Of My Heart, Lord!

We're still plugging along with our Christian ABC's series, and I needed a Bible craft for the letter "O". I decided to make a craft that goes along with a Christian song! (Pretend I'm singing this to you now, Ok?) "Open the eyes of my heart, Lord, open the eyes of my heart. I want to see you.... I want to see you!" How was my singing voice? ;-) Supplies Needed: Construction paper (red … [Read more...]