St. Nicholas Crafts for Kids

St. Nicholas Day is coming up on December 6! I found this great website called the St. Nicholas Center with a ton of great ideas! Here are some of my favorites I found on the site:


See multiple random St. Nicholas crafts, including this
super easy idea of folding a regular napkin into St. Nick’s Hat! :-)
Wouldn’t these be so cute at your dinner table on the 6th?


Find multiple St. Nicholas printable coloring sheets for children.

Check out this St. Nicholas Pizza
(amongst other fun food ideas!)


There were multiple ideas for making St. Nicholas Figures,
but I just loved this little guy! :-)
There were 3 Different St. Nicholas Felt Projects.
I like this puppet!

One of my favorite ideas they had was turning a regular
chocolate Santa into St. Nicholas! They show 3 different examples.

Check back soon for more St. Nicholas Day ideas!
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