Prayer Craft for Preschoolers

Well, I used some of the ideas I posted here earlier and made a prayer book with my 4 year old daughter! We learned a lot about prayer while we colored and put the book together. Ours was shaped like hands to help remind us to keep our hands folded while we pray. (My daughter has a lot of trouble with this at her preschool coop, so we’re working on it). All of the printables came from The Catholic Toolbox. Here’s the book!

Cover~ I traced my hand because hers wasn’t big 
enough to fit everything we wanted on the pages.
{For this coloring page, scroll down to
“Children Praying Coloring Sheets”}
{For this coloring page, scroll down to
“I Talk to God with Prayer”}
{For this coloring page, scroll down to
“Sign of the Cross”}
{For this coloring page, scroll down to
“Hail Mary (coloring)”}
(The prayer continued to the next 2 pages)
{For this coloring page, scroll down to
“Our Father (coloring)”}
(This also continued to the next 2 pages)
{For this coloring page, scroll down to
“Color and Pray the Holy Rosary”}
For our prayer intention pages, we included pictures 
to symbolize our country, world peace, the sick and the poor.
We also included a page to remind us to pray
for our family.
 I left some blank pages in the back for adding on. When you’re done, just punch holes in the left and tie it together with some string or yarn. (And yes, the ultrasound picture here gives away the fact that we made this book back in the Spring ;-)
Holy Heroes


  1. Gardenia says

    lovely idea. thanks for all the links too. Ver y interested in the coloring pages for the Hail Mary and the Our Father.

  2. Anonymous says

    I am so glad to see that your cupcake background is back again. Catholic Icing just wasn't the same without it.
    By the way, we LOVE this craft. It reminds my kids and I of a lapbook.

  3. Sarah Harkins says

    This is on our to do list for our upcoming school year. GREAT IDEA! how about that homeschool curriculum??

  4. Claire says

    What a wonderful idea! We are talking about prayer in Sunday school tomorrow and I’m going to make these for our craft.

    Thanks as always for the wonderful suggestions and inspiration!

  5. Kellie says

    Thank you so much for this cute idea. I teach 2nd grade in a Catholic school and I am always looking for cute ideas to make religion fun and interesting. We have to learn many prayers this year and I look forward to making the prayer book with them :) It’s better than just having them on a sheet of paper witht the words! Thank you again for all your cute ideas :D I will be doing a lot of them!!!

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