Printable Peg Dolls; Painting in 3 Different Styles

I ended up painting multiple Resurrection sets from my printable peg dolls this year for various friends and family, and I wanted to share how differently they can look with you! All of the peg dolls you see in this post are decoupaged from my printable sets. They've all been printed and Mod Podged on- I only painted the heads. The first set I designed have faces that can be drawn on with a … [Read more...]

The Advent Christmas Planner (Printable Planner For Catholics Moms)

Introducing, The Advent Christmas Planner! The ultimate resource for Catholic moms to plan for Advent, Christmas, Saint feast days, and more. If you like the keep the true meaning of the season in the forefront of your celebrations, and could use some organizational help to make it actually happen, this ebook is for you! "Lacy @ Catholic Icing has just released an Advent & Christmas … [Read more...]