St. Valentine Craft and Card

I was inspired by another Valentine project I saw online here (an edible version) and I just knew I had to make this into a craft! You hand write your Valentines, and then make a decoder for reading them! I only wish my pictures did it justice!

To make your own, just write your message on a piece of white paper with a fine tipped light blue marker. On this one I wrote “Love is Patient, Love is Kind, Happy Feast of St. Valentine!” Isn’t that so cute? Wish I could take credit! I found this little poem on the most adorable St. Valentine craft ever over at Paper Dali 🙂

After you’ve written your message in blue, just draw all over it with pink, orange, and red markers. You can write other phrases, or just doodle all over it.

Now make your decoder. All you need is something clear and red. I used a piece of plastic meant to go over an Easter basket. If you can’t find any red cellophane at the store, try coloring a clear piece of plastic with a red permanent marker. It works just as well!

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I also made some of these with love bible verses, and plan on making one with a St. Valentine Prayer! The possibilities are endless 🙂 I was surprised at how well this worked!

You can find all my resources for celebrating Saint Valentine’s day with Catholic kids here!
Also, check out my Saint Valentine printable pack!

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