St. Therese Printable Statue Craft For Kids

St. Therese is a very well known Catholic Saint, and a great one to teach your kids about. Her feast day is October 1, but my family also loves to celebrate her on her canonization day- May 17! I just love how the Spring time lines up with flowers, as she was known as the “little flower”. Whether or not you have a St. Therese statue yourself, now you kids can have their very own, and all you need is a printer! Check it out- a printable St. Therese statue craft for kids! 

This download comes with St. Therese in black and white. Your kids can color, cut, and stand up this adorable craft. If you print it on card stock it will be sturdier, but it works with paper as well.

Supplies Needed For Printable Mary Statue Craft:

  • Mary statue download (link at bottom of post)
  • Paper or card stock
  • Crayons (or whatever you want to color with)
  • Tape, glue, or a stapler (to connect the loop in the back)

My girls enjoyed coloring their very own St. Therese statues! I let them color whatever colors they want- I don’t require them to follow the actual Carmelite order colors. Violet said she was going to color her with the Carmelite colors, so hers extra shocked me! lol

After you color your printable St. Therese statue, you need to cut it out around the outside. 

The strip at the bottom rolls into a circle shape. You can connect it in the back with either tape, a staple, or a little bit of glue. We like to use staples.

Now your St. Therese statue can stand up all on her own!!!

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And here are all 3 versions together- the one I colored and the 2 the little girls colored.

There are endless ways this craft can be used, but they can work especially well as a centerpiece at your St. Therese celebration. 


My kids absolutely love these crafts they make that stand up on their own. 

Get The St. Therese Statue Printable

You can download the printable St. Therese statue craft here for only a couple of dollars! You can download yours now by clicking the “buy now” button below.

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