St. Brigid’s Cross Poem (Free Printable!)

Saint Brigid’s crosses are a staple when celebrating the feast day of St. Brigid which happens each year on February 1. You can find tons of St. Brigid feast day resources here, but today I want to share St. Brigid’s Cross poem with you, and even offer you a free printable!
It is said that St. Brigid converted a dying pagan by fashioning a cross out of the only thing she had available- reeds. These improvised crosses are now a staple of this feast day celebration!
St. Brigid’s crosses are made and exchanged between friends and family. They can also be hung above the door of your house where they’re thought welcome visitors, and protect the home and those who live within. Traditionally people also placed these crosses in their rafters, and they were thought to protect the home from fire and lightning.
St. Brigid’s Cross Poem
Author, unknown (1735)
St. Brigid’s Cross hung over the door,
which did the house from fire secure,
and tho’ the dogs and servants slept,
by Brigid’s care, the house was kept.
I have a free printable that includes a printable version of this poem. Grab your download now by blue button below that says “Get your free download, click here!”
I have some step by step directions for making your own St. Brigid’s cross. This is pretty easy, and they come out so cute! You don’t need the straw to make these, either. You can make yours with pipe cleaner. 
I also have a how to draw video that shows you step by step how to draw a St. Brigid’s cross. This is a cool video because it’s just the way you put these straight lines together than creates a neat optical illusion! This video is totally free. 

Find all of my resources for St. Brigid’s feast day celebrations here. There are so many fun and traditional ways to celebrate this beautiful feast day!

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