Shamrock Trinity Craft

I’ve been seeing a lot of crafts that show the shamrock symbolizing The Trinity, and I love them! St. Patrick must have been very clever to think of explaining The Trinity this way! One God, three parts, brilliant! 😉 Here’s the one I made:

Wooden painted shamrock with Saint Patrick and The Trinity

I started with a wooden shamrock from a craft store. It cost 50 cents.

Unpainted wood shamrock

First, I  painted it green. After it dried, I wrote “Father, Son, Holy Spirit”- one on each of the shamrock leaves- with a regular black sharpie marker. Soooo much easier than trying to write it in paint! Then I printed out a picture of St. Patrick and glued it to the middle of the shamrock. I finished it off by tying a cute little bow around the shamrock stem. I wanted to go around the outside of the shamrock with green glitter glue, but we didn’t have any.

Display of finished wooden shamrock

If you don’t want to write out “Father, Son, Holy Spirit”, then you can use symbols in stead! Here are some popular symbols I’ve been seeing to represent the parts of the trinity:

  • Father- Eye (for the Fathers “all-seeing eye”), a church, a heart, or a bible.
  • Son- A Cross
  • Holy Spirit- A Dove

You can cut your shamrocks and symbols from anything- green paper, fun foam, whatever really. If you’re worried about drawing a shamrock yourself, you can use these printable shamrock templates from Family Fun!

Here are some other versions of this craft I’ve been inspired by! 🙂

I found this trinity shamrock over on

Growing With My Girls.

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