Religious Snowflake Crafts

There are so many great snowflake crafts around, and if you can work some religion into craft time, I say “why not?”.  I’m sure you’ve all heard about the religious snowflake stuff. The basic principal is that no 2 snowflakes are the same, but they’re all beautiful. God makes all of us different, and we are all special too. We have a great religious snowflake children’s book called The Tiny Snowflake. It’s a story about a tiny snowflake trying to figure out how God made her special in the world. (btw, the snowflake’s name is Lacy, which is the most awesome name in the world.) 😉
I found these beautiful doily crafted snowflakes
on Design Sponge. They’re so dainty!


I love these easy woven snowflake crafts
I saw over at the Crafty Crow!


I couldn’t love these colorful snowflake cookies more!
Find the complete decorating tutorial on Our Best Bites.
Make some cute edible snowflakes from tortilla shells
with Family Fun. Aren’t these cute?!
Creative Jewish Mom crafted
I love these borax made snowflakes from
All Things Heart and Home.
Learn how to quill a snowflake with Reese Dixon.
I love this simple snowflake resist idea from
Art Projects for Kids.
And here’s the religious snowflake book I mentioned
above. By the way, the main snowflake’s name is Lacy. 🙂
I know we’re going to be crafting some snowflakes this week to go with our book! It’s certainly cold enough in this old farmhouse to have snowflakes on the mind! Lol! 😉

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  1. Jennifer G. says

    These would be great to use on St. Agnes feast day on Jan. 21. According to the Big Book of Catholic Traditions, some people refer to snowflakes as "St. Agnes flowers". 🙂

  2. Vallimasoos says

    Beautiful! Our mom's group is having a fundraiser bake sale and I'm going to make the tortilla snowflakes!

    We made some snowflakes out of coffee filters! Super easy too!

  3. Sarah Harkins says

    That's really neat. I never thought of a snowflake as having a religious meaning. the craft ideas are great!

  4. Just ordered the snowflake book from our library, I can't wait to get it!! Love the doilie snowflakes, we will do that one for sure!

  5. Yes, I too, love the connection with St. Agnes. I had started looking around for some snowflake ideas for her feast day so thank you for this post! Also loved the snowflake glittery paper plate craft you posted last year from Sun and Candlelight blog:-) Happy Crafting and try to stay warm in that farmhouse!

  6. My girls and I are learning about Snow this week so these are great ideas and good timing! Thanks!

  7. great ideas !

  8. We will do the doiley and woven snowflakes. How fun!

  9. beautiful ideas. thanks for compiling!!

  10. My cousin and her children always made pizzelles and topped them with powdered sugar(leave them flat of course). They make beautiful and tasty snowflakes! If you don't know what they are, just google the name. My waffle iron has a pizzelle plate to it. Sometimes they are harder to find than regular waffle makers, but if you look hard enough at specialty stores and with the internet these days, I'm sure you can find them.

  11. I LOVE this…my kids keep asking, "when is it going to snow again?" we live in NC and not close enough to the mountains to have some white pretty stuff on the group often enough…today we have friends coming over for a play date and I thought, I will hop on over to Lacy's blog and get some fun things to do with the kids and VOILA! We are going to read a book about St. Agnes (since her feast day is tomorrow) and make snow flakes (the ones from The Crafty Crow)…I just wanted to thank you because I KNOW I can always count on you and your lovely blog to find something fun (and Liturgical) to do with my five little blessings! Thanks, Lacy!
    Many blessings,

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