5 Reasons Why You Should Attend Homeschool Conferences

Going to Catholic Homeschool Conventions has been a real joy, and I wanted to share with you the reasons why they’re worth the travel time and the babysitter.

Here are 5 big reasons you need to attend Catholic homeschool conferences in real life

catholic homeschool conferences

Reason number 1: The inspiring talks! I just love going to the talks, and it’s not the same as listening to them on CD later. Most of these conferences bring in great speakers! It’s also great to be able to go talk to the speakers at the end of the session, shake their hand, ask your questions, and even get them to sign a book. 🙂

ihm 29

ihm 16

Reason number 2: Flipping through books in real life. Even though you can order pretty much anything on the internet now-a-days, it can be pretty hit or miss. There’s so much you can instantly tell about a book by simply flipping through it. It’s also nice to talk to the people behind the tables about your curriculum needs, and your child’s ability.

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Reason number 3: Used books. It’s great to save some money by buying the used books! The used books are why the seasoned hoemschool moms show up early, and head straight for the Seton table with their rolling crates. 😉

used books

(At some conferences, they also have a place where they buy back used books as well)

used books 2

Reason number 4: Free Shipping and Show Specials. That’s right- not only is everything without shipping prices, but a lot of tables have extra deals at the conferences. Even I do this with Catholic ABC’s!

kansas show 1

Reason number 5: Meeting the amazing people! I saved the best for last. 🙂 Connecting with people in real life is invaluable. I always leave these conferences feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, inspired, and ready to come back and homeschool with passion!

Now, before you flit off to a homeschool conference, make sure you are prepared! I highly recommend reading the ebook from Raising Arrows, Homeschool Convention Survival Guide. It’s a free ebook, and there are no hoops to jump through to download it. Easy peasy.

At the National IHM Conference (which is happening this weekend in Virginia!) you can also expect conveniences such as confession offered throughout the conference so you can just pop in, and a mother’s lounge where you can nurse your baby in peace. 

You can find the rest of my homeschooling resources for families here.


  1. our son is 4.. do you think it’s to early to attend a homeschool conference? would we get anything out of it at this young age? there’s one in our area this summer but we’re still unsure about attending. we don’t have a lot of money and i know preschool & kindergarten we’re going to “wing it” and not use a curriculum.. aside from Catholic ABC’s that is! We’re LOVING your book!! 🙂

    • Conferences aren’t fun places for kids, and make sure that you check the policy before you leave. Often, the conference asks that you bring only nursing infants, and teenagers. (There are often talks for the teenagers as well). I will say that no matter the policy, there are always people who bring kids anyway, so if that’s the only way it works out for you, go for it. So glad to hear you’re loving my book! Just a little tip- I did kindergarten without curriculum too, but I had the book “Everything your kindergartener needs to know” and I found it very helpful. You could probably get it used online for pretty cheap. Fill in with a few workbooks from the Dollar Tree and free printables from Pinterest- badda bing! Also, check out Freehomeschooldeals.com. Also, MEP Math is totally free online, and we enjoyed using it. Also, FUNNIX usually has free downloads for their programs in December, and we LOVE Funnix!

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