Printable Jesse Tree Ornaments

Be sure to check out my post all about how to get started with Jesse Trees here. So… you know how every year you say you’re going to have a Jesse Tree, but then you never do? I mean, maybe it’s just me, but if it’s also you, I have a great solution for you this year… easy printable ornaments! They are the busy mom’s dream when it comes to incorporating the Jesse Tree devotion in your home! 

Printable Jesse Tree Ornament Set

I have a set of printable Jesse Tree ornaments here. My set prints in both color AND black & white so you can choose- your kids can color their own ornaments or they can come out of your printer ready to hang on the Jesse Tree. Can anyone say “easy button”? lol. You get all 50 ornaments plus a special star Jesse Tree topper for just $4. As always, I truly appreciate your support of Catholic Icing.

Free Printable Jesse Tree Ornaments

Jennifer from Catholic Inspired has a fantastic printable Jesse tree ornament set all ready to go for free!

Jessica from 1+1+1=1 has a free printable set of Jesse tree ornaments as well!


Another free set and I really like this one! These Jesse Tree ornaments are from Whimsickle Design Studio.

This free printable set from Michelle Quigley is beautiful! 

Kori from Kori At Home also has a free printable Jesse tree ornament set that you can download here.

DIY Jesse Tree Ornaments: Draw It Yourself!

You can now draw your very own set of Jesse Tree ornaments with my all new how to draw series for the Jesse Tree symbols. Get your how to draw Jesse Tree Ornaments videos here

And for any of you early birds that like to plan for Advent and Christmas early to avoid stress and chaos, I highly suggest my Advent Christmas Planner, which helps with all aspects of holiday planning from Thanksgiving through the New Year. And for any of you procrastinators who like to wait until the last minute to get your Advent and Christmas planning done, I hightly suggest my Advent Christmas Planner to help control your stress and chaos. (See how I did that? I like to think I’m funny sometimes)

The Advent Christmas Planner from Catholic Icing


You can find more Advent and Christmas resources for Catholic families here.

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  1. Can I get a list of the 24 ornaments/symbols so I know if they coordinate with the Jesse tree we do?

  2. Very cute! About how big are these?

    • They’re different sizes depending on the ornament- I don’t have exact measurements but they all print on 1 piece of paper each, then fold up, so I’d say mostly the right size to hold in your hand.

      • Actually a few of them print on two or three sheets of paper. Noah’s Ark uses two sheets and David’s Star uses 3. Most are smallish (like 3-5inches) but a few are larger like 7-8 inches across like the scales or David’s star.

  3. Theresa Kearney says

    I am having trouble paying for the 3-D ornaments because I don’t use Paypal. When I try to use my credit card, the “lock” in the address bar is crossed out in red. I assume that means it isn’t secure. I don’t want to put my credit card number in an unsecured site. Do I have another alternative besides Paypal. This is my second time to try to order these and I am getting a bit frustrated. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

    • I don’t know- I also only use Paypal for downloads. I think there’s a way to use Paypal, but check out as a “guest” with a credit card or check… but I’ve never done it. Wish I could be more helpful.

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