O Jesse Tree, O Jesse Tree… How Crafty are Your Branches!

Be sure to check out my post all about how to get started with Jesse Trees here. Jesse Trees are a great way to celebrate Advent and Keep Christ in Christmas! (Along with quite a few of His relatives). If you don’t have a Jesse Tree yet, then you’re in the same boat as I am! You can print, craft, or buy your ornaments. Any guesses as to which I’m going to do? While you ponder on that, here are some ideas to check out:

Vee over at Paper Dali has a really cute set of
Printable Jesse Tree Symbols that your kids can color
themselves! And the best part- no colored ink necessary!


Over at Sharon and Adam, find these
Painted Jesse Tree Ornaments.

These Bright and Festive Jesse Tree Symbols are made
from felt. Find great pictures on Just Five More Minutes.

Find some Clay Jesse Tree Ornaments on Cottage Blessings.
Alice also has a great idea for storing them!


Does the thought of crafting so many different ornaments
sound overwhelming? Mac & Cheese Chronicles hosted
a Jesse Tree Ornament Swap! And here are The Ornaments.
I think this is an absolutely brilliant idea!


Feeling really crafty this season? Check out these
Under Her Starry Mantle.

These Jesse Tree Cookies from Cake Central
look good enough to eat! If you’re not a baker, maybe you
could recreate them with sculpey or felt! 🙂

If you’re looking for more Jesse Tree resources, Shower of Roses has a list of Bible Verses and Coloring Pages to go with each Jesse Tree Symbol! You can also Bless your Jesse Tree.
And the answer to my Jesse Tree question? We’ll be printing our ornaments this year. But if I were Super Mom, I would totally be hosting one of those crafty ornament swaps. 🙂


  1. We did a Jesse Tree for the first time last year and loved it! We recycled all of our scratched CD or DVD's and printed out the symbols and glued them to the DVD's with some ribbon. It was fun. With my Faith Formation class we did the same, but glued on paper plates and made a tree shape with the plates on the classroom wall:)

  2. Thanks so much for the links!
    We will use Paper Dali's and put ours on a green, paper, kiddo hand, tree on the wall!

  3. Amy Caroline says

    Every year I try to do a Jesse Tree… maybe this year!! Thank you so much!!

  4. Fabulous, Lacy! This post has given me a few fresh ideas for our Jesse Tree. We've been doing the Jesse Tree for several Advents now and the kids love it, but I'm always up for improving what we already have. Thanks so much!

  5. Oh! Btw, I luv Jamie Jo's idea!!

  6. Thanks for mentioning Paper Dali!

    And, oooooooooooooooh, I really love those ideas. I need to get sewing with all those fab felt ideas!

  7. I was able to print some of the ornaments from Catholic Artworks before the link was removed, they really are beautiful! I added to that with a few I made, and some O Antiphon ornaments I designed with artwork from parishofthemessiah.org. (post with pics on my blog.) I am so excited for Advent!!

  8. Great ideas! I'm hosting a Jesse Tree link up to gather Jesse Tree ideas from the blogosphere. Would you like to link up 🙂

  9. georgia kinnon says

    I love the jesse tree now it is so helpfull for my re project on the jesse tree

    year7(11 years of age)


  1. […] O Jesse Tree, O Jesse Tree…How Crafty Are Your Branches – Catholic Icing Lacy has compiled lots of fabulous links to a variety of Jesse Tree ornaments.  (I finally finished my Jesse Tree ornaments and have swapped them all out.  We’ll be able to do a Jesse Tree for the first time this year.) […]

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