Movie Giveaway! Juan Diego- Messenger of Guadalupe

Today is the Feast of San Juan Diego! In honor of Juan Diego today, CCC of America is giving away a copy of Juan Diego, Messenger of Guadalupe to one lucky Catholic Icing reader! If you’re rubbing your eyes and thinking “Is Catholic Icing having TWO giveaways in one week?!” The answer is yes! I love this movie so much and my kids do, too! When we were at church a few Sundays ago, my 4 year old said “Look, Mommy! From the movie!”. When I looked, she wasn’t pointing to a kid with a Mickey Mouse shirt on; she was pointing to a picture of Juan Diego’s tilma with Our Lady of Guadalupe on it. Isn’t that the cutest?! I was so proud! Here’s what CCC of America had to say about their movie:

In 1591 Juan Diego found himself between thetwo vastly different worlds of the Spanish conquerors and of his own Aztecheritage. Because of his love for his people and his strong faith, Juan Diegoturned to Jesus and His Mother, Mary, to help unite his people. The answer toJuan Diego’s prayers has become one of the greatest events that has everoccurred in the Americas.
Juan Diego:  Messenger of Guadalupeis the true story of how the Blessed Mother chose a man who lived a simple,faithful life to play a central role in a beautiful miracle that would unitediverse peoples and change the course of history.
As Our Lady of Guadalupe requested,a church was built in Mexico Citywhere she appeared.  It is at that Basilica, the most visited Catholicshrine in the world, that the miracle of the tilma of Juan Diego may still beseen, just as it was seen by the bishop in 1531.


You can read my review of the CCC movies here. They have 11 DVDs in their collection. If you’d like to order any, be sure to use coupon code CCC120810 for free shipping through tomorrow, December 10! If you haven’t yet entered the St. Nicholas DVD Giveaway, don’t forget to click over to my other post and make sure you are entered for both! (The St. Nicholas giveaway also ends on December 12).
How To Enter:
Foryour first entry, leave a comment below and let us know- what is your family’s favorite way to celebrate this feast, or what is your favorite way to teach your children about Juan Diego? For anadditional entry, you can blog about this giveaway on your blog with a link back to this post- then come back and leave an additional comment letting me know that you did.
Entriesfor this giveaway will close on Sunday December 12 at 11:59pm. If youdon’t have a blogger profile, please leave your email address in thecomments so we can contact you if you win. Maximum- 2 entries perhousehold. Good luck!


  1. For a few years, we attended a party for Our Lady of Guadalupe with a Catholic homeschool group that one of the mom's coordinated. As a group, we said the Rosary while in procession through town with a picture of OLOG held by a teen. Then, we had Mexican food and a pinata for the kids and daily Mass for all who wanted to attend.

    This year, we might visit Our Lady of Guadalupe parish in Anchorage as they celebrate the Feast Day. Whether we make it there depends on how exhausted we are after a very busy week.

  2. What a great givewaway. Please enter us. We're celebrating today by listening to the Glory Stories CD that tells his story. The kids will then color in some related coloring pages. No idea if we'll have time for a crafty treat to go along with the story and coloring pages, yet.

  3. happymomonline says

    One of my daughter's birthday is on the 12th and she has a special devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe. This is such an awesome miracle, the conversion of a whole country! The movie would be great for the younger kids.

    God Bless!

  4. Please enter us in the give-away. We love to play pin the tail on Juan's donkey! thanks,
    Maria (

  5. Jennifer Gregory Miller says

    We're pretty low key — read Tomie dePaola Lady of Guadalupe, Mexican food, listen to Guadalupe cd. We probably will do the Juan Diego from Paper Dali today.

  6. My daughter is still quite little, so I think a coloring page (or two) will be all she needs. 🙂

  7. Our family has a special devotion to OLG and Juan. Our children are still little, the oldest is almost 4, so we celebrate with our beautiful book by Tomie dePaola and the wonderful paper dolls at Paper Dali. Today, we might try to make paper bag tilmas and eat plenty of Mexican food!

  8. I'm embarrassed to admit that this isn't a feast day that we have celebrated. My kids are 5, 2, and 8 months, and I've been putting off a "good Advent" until they were a little older since my oldest's first Christmas! I am trying to get serious this year, but this is a feast day that I overlooked. I'm looking forward to reading the comments and getting some ideas for next year. Thanks, Lacy for the awesome giveaways!

  9. My sons are 2 1/2 and 2 months. We could just retell the story or read the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe by Tomie De Paola (I love his books)

  10. We love to read The Story of Our Lady of Guadalupe Empress of the Americas by C. Lourdes Walsh. The illustrations are so beautiful. We have several CCC movies but not Our Lady Of Guadalupe!

  11. This is our family's first year in the church, so, we don't have a tradition for this feast day. Blogs like yours are helping us come up with our new traditions 🙂

  12. I was coming to your blog to figure out HOW to celebrate this feast! I liked the paper bag tilmas I saw… so that might happen. 🙂

  13. I mentioned this on my blog!

  14. I just posted our advent activities complete with link to this giveaway! Thanks for the motivation to finally get my advent post up!!
    Thanks Lacy and CCC

  15. My Catholic mom's group is having a big fiesta this Saturday evening. We are really excited for all the families to be together – including the dads & school aged children who are not present on Thursday mornings when we meet for the rosary. Everyone is bringing a Mexican-themed dish and we plan to sing La Guadalupana!! I also got the girls a copy of Tomie de Paola's Lady of Guadalupe storybook, but it is long and they didn't make it through the first reading (they are 5, 3, 2 – the 5-year-old was okay, but the other two lost interest). We'd love to have the video to add to the celebration!

  16. We'll celebrate by making a liturgical folder like what was posted on Catholic Icing last year from the bFamila Catolica.

  17. Pattygloria says

    Hi there,I love you crafts and inspirational ideas.Thanks for this giveaway! To celebrate,I bake sweet biscuits( alfajor in spanish) and My kids, now 10 and 14 y/o, make some drawings of Juan Diego and virgin Mary and retell the story when she came and told him to build a church,The Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, and to overcome with hope the difficult times.
    Pope John Paul II called the new saint "a simple, humble Indian" who accepted Christianity without giving up his identity as a Native American.
    Muchas gracias,
    Gloria x

  18. Lenetta @ Nettacow says

    Ooh! Thanks for the chance! We will probably listen to the Glory Story CD and maybe do a coloring page. My LO is only 3, so it will mostly go over her head, I think. I took a class on Our Lady of Guadalupe several years ago and it is phenominal the amount of detail and little things that they continue to find in and on the tilma.

    nettacow at gmail dot com

  19. We have the Illuminated Ink coloring set (makes a little scene) for the younger children to hear the story again and with my son we've been reading more of the amazing scientific studies on the tilma (especially the reflection in Our Lady's eyes).

  20. We have told the story, but have not celebrated this feast day as a family. I think it is time to begin a new tradition 🙂

  21. A Marvelous Love says

    we celebrate by having a big Mexican dinner. We love celebrating our favorite saints over a delicous meal. And my 17 month old loves smearing beans all over her highchair in celebration…It will be more fun when the kids get older;)

  22. I also posted a link about the giveaway on my blog

  23. Please enter me as well! Our family likes to celebrate Juan Diego/PLG by enjoying a Mexican Fiesta and doing some sort of a related craft. For years I sponsored an OLG tea, which was really great, but lots of work. 🙂

  24. I plan on making pinatas with my kids (llike my mom did with us) and reading THE LADY OF GUADALUPE written and illustrated
    by Tomie dePaola.

  25. We watch the CCC video (we have all of them on VHS, but this one in particular is getting worn out – this and the one about Bernadette are my kids' favorites!) we make paperbag tilmas, and we read /color pages copied out of Mary Fabyn Windeatt's OL of Guadalupe Coloring Book. This year we got the Juan Diego Glory Story free from Holy Heroes. We do some of these things today some on the 12th. Tomie's book is on my wish list.

  26. The girl who painted trees says

    This will be our first year celebrating it and I am not sure what we will do. My father in law's birthday also falls on that day.

  27. really wanna win! we are making enchiladas 🙂

    jeniwilmot at gmail dot com

  28. We haven't celebrated this feast before, but after reading the other comments I am excited about adopting some new traditions! My highly energetic boys (ages 3,2, and one on the way) would love to break open a pinata, followed by Mexican food for dinner. I think I'll look into getting a copy of that Tomie de Paola book too. I really hope we win a copy of the movie — I would love for Juan Diego to be the "new Diego" on our TV! Thanks!

  29. This movie looks like it would be cool! I think we are going to try out a recipe I found for tortilla snowflakes to celebrate!

  30. I think we're going to celebrate by trying a new recipe out b/t now & the 12th!


    euroduck111 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  31. Jason Roebuck says

    It is nice to see so many celebrating this feast day. I guess it is just unfortunate how many others just see Saint Juan Diego as the indian from the story about the Marian apparitions from Mexico. I used to be one of those before I watch the video and read the full story. God is so good to us for giving us his Mother to remind us of what is important and keep us focused on her Son…God bless you!

  32. Jude and Alisha says

    We learned about St. Juan Diego using the paper dolls at Paper Dali and by watching clips of his movie on youtube – which is why I hope we win this movie for ourselves!

  33. Jude and Alisha says
  34. Teresa with lots of kids says
  35. we'll have tacos for dinner, read a about Our Lady of Guadalupe, and pray the Rosary.

  36. JOYfilled Family says

    i just posted your giveaway on my blog and shared it on facebook.

    thanks for sharing!

    pax Christi – lena

  37. JOYfilled Family says

    we're keeing it simple this advent. we read The Lady of Guadalupe, listened to Glory Stories Vol. 1, and plan to watch Guadalupe (the movie). we try to cover something for all the ages. as for food, we ate chicken tacos earlier this week – perk of being mexican. 🙂
    pax Christi – lena

  38. We make tilmas out of paper bags or roses out of tissue paper. And we re-read the book Lullaby of the Virgin of Guadalupe.
    God bless,

  39. Our Catholic Family says

    We make our own tilmas out of brown paper bags! I can't remember who blogged about it…but I read it on someone's blog a few years ago. And, it's become a fast tradition.

    I always try to incorporate our meal into the feast day. We usually have fish tacos. But, today we all were sick 🙁 So, daddy picked up pizza instead.

    We have The Miracle at Fatima and Bernadette. LOVE both of those movies.

    Love your blog!

  40. My children love to listen to the Glory Stories story of Juan Diego. As a matter of fact, so do I! They are all great, bu this one fosters a special motherly love for Mary. Now that I've found the catholic cuisine blog, I intend to make cinnoman crisps as part of next year's celebration. Thanks for a great contest! -Jennifer

  41. We got to Mass in honor of St. Juan Diego, and have a Mexican themed dinner. This year it was chicken Fajitas with Rice and Beans.

    A desription at the top from CCC of America said that the event took place in 1591. Later, the correct year is given of 1531.

  42. OrganicMama says

    We usually have a big Mexican fiesta with another family sometime between the Feast of St Juan Diego and Our Lady of Guadelupe.

  43. OrganicMama says

    Posted about it on my FB fan page!!


  44. Making tilmas! My kids look forward to it every year. They also love the start stickers. 😉

  45. The Cotter Family says

    My favorite way to celebrate is by getting roses from my husband!

  46. Well, we've never celebrated this feast day before. This year, I have a coloring page printed from Holy Heroes and we read the story from a pamphlet I found in our Faith Formation room at church.

    Seisel92 at yahoo dot com

  47. chocolate coins in the 3 oldest shoes and a wrapped christmas book

  48. The Petrolias says

    Last year, we borrowed a friend's copy of the CCC movie. So I'm really hoping to win one on our own. We're lighting our OLG candle and coloring a picture of St. Juan Diego. We're having Mexican food for dinner, and if there is any time left, we're making paper bag tilmas!!

  49. Thrifty and Chic Mom says

    We are not creative I just tell my kids the story and show them pictures! I would love to show them this movie.

  50. Awesome giveaway! We actually belong to a Pilgrim Queen prayer team, which features an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. We talk about how her image came onto St. Juan Diego's tilma every time she comes to visit. They would love to see this movie!

    my email is samantha.levesque at

  51. Thanks for the giveaway chance! We read the Tomie dePaola book, Lady of Guadalupe.

    ryanemurnane at

  52. Jennifer G. says

    Sadly, we've never celebrated this feast day before, BUT I plan to do make the Juan Diego paper dolls this year. 🙂

  53. We've never actually celebrated this feast day (other than to mention it and sometimes eat mexican food – which means little to nothing to my kids since we live in Southern California anyways!) I think having this DVD would help us to get more in the spirit!!

  54. Great giveaway. We haven't celebrated in a formal way. We do say our rosary in front of a beautiful statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe. I have gone over what the different symbols of her outfit mean.

  55. I just love that we can teach our kids that you can live a simple, faithful life and you are still important to God! That is what I would like to pass on from Juan Diego's story! Please enter us too!

  56. Oops! We missed Juan Diego's feast day this year, but we just got the Glory Stories CD, so will watch that this weekend. Thanks for your great blog.

    gigimama5 at

  57. My 5yo's CCD class watched this movie last week. We have been learning about this Saint and OLOG over the years, but haven't done much in home celebration. This year, both my 5yo and 8yo colored a picture of OLOG to go with the saints that are still up on the bulletin board from November!
    In this area, the parish community also celebrates Las Mananitas, but I am not a morning person and 5am is too much for me!
    Schuelke52000-cole at

  58. This isn't so much a feast day tradition, but along the interstate near our house, someone has painted a beautiful image of Our Lady of Guadalupe wearing a golden cloak. It's high up on a cliff on the side of the interstate and when the sun hits it just right, you can't miss that gold! The kids love to look for it when we drive by. In fact, you're semi-local-ish, maybe you've seen it too. 🙂

  59. We've never celebrated this day before, but hope to!

  60. Vallimasoos says

    We always attended "Las Mananitas" which was the morning serenade to the Virgin!

  61. That is one DVD I do not have… yet! I have a little book about Juan Diego and Our Lady of Guadalupe. I usually have that out for the children to look at and a coloring page for Mary, too. Thanks for the opportunity!

  62. Drainefamily says

    This is our first year celebrating the feast. I ordered the video via Amazon and received it broken. I thought I'd enter the drawing. Maybe we'll win and can watch the movie next year while we color our pictures!

  63. LOVE your blog! We usually read the Tomie DePaola story on this day.

    Please enter us in the giveaway – we'd love to have the dvd to add to our activities.

  64. I don't have a favorite way yet to celebrate, but would love to learn more! I was just telling the sisters (we were caroling at a retired school sisters home) about this girl I met at a conference who has these amazing ideas for Catholic children (one sister is in charge of children's liturgy and we were discussing St. Nicholas' Day).

  65. Tina Fisher says

    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!

    We have not celebrated as a family thus far…..but aim to start!

    We would love to have this be our first saint DVD!

    Blessings to you!

  66. We haven't celebrated it before, but my mom is mexican so we have picture of the Virgin of Guadalupe in our home and we talk about the story often.b I love the idea of a movie they could learn more from 🙂


  67. Over the years, my parents and homeschool community would celebrate in different ways – Mass, build a shrine, bring roses to the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, have a "class" about all the amazing things about the image….

    This is the first year I have celebrated with my own children. They are now 4, 3, almost 2 and 9mo and the older ones are finally able to understand some of the more beautiful stories and traditions. We spoke about the story, colored the image of OLG I found through your site and ate enchiladas. We were planning on making the sombrero cookies and God's eye ornaments but bedtimes interfered – maybe we'll stretch out the celebration to tomorrow along with St. Lucy's feast! 🙂

  68. I've posted your link on my second grade class webpage. I teach at St. Francis de Sales Catholic School in Salisbury, MD
    I've also recommended your blog to my own daughter who has two beautiful little girls (ages 2 and 10 mos.). Thank you for all your wonderful ideas!

  69. We celebrate this feast day by going to a Mexican restaurant as a family and reading Tomie de Paola's book on "The Lady of Guadalupe". We also like to light our Guadalupe candle and pray "Hail Marys" as a family. I posted about Our Lady of Guadalupe's feast day and how we celebrate here:

    Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  70. On my post about Our Lady of Guadalupe I mentioned your giveaway and linked back to your post. Here is the link:

  71. Ann Marie | white house, black shutters says

    My kids are still young (20 months and 6 months) and we unfortunately we haven't yet celebrated this feast day. I think the CCC video would be a great way to start, as well as a Mexican-themed dinner! 😉

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  72. Monkeymomof4 says

    Great giveaway, thank you! This year we did coloring pages. Would love to have the video to help the story come to life.

  73. Trish White says

    We read Tomie dePaola Lady of Guadalupe and make tortilla stars!

  74. I love Our Lady of Guadalupe! I want to start a family tradition this year with the movie and a mexican theme dinner for my 5, 4 and 2 year old little souls. Thank you.

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