Mary, Mother Of The Church (Feast Day Ideas For Kids)

This feast day is extra exciting because it’s very new! The first year it was celebrated was 2018. I always love celebrating Marian feast days with my kids. You can find my resources for honoring Mary with your kids here. This is a moving feast day that happens the Monday after Pentecost Sunday each year. Now let’s look at some ways to celebrate the Mary, Mother of the Church feast day with kids

Look To Him And Be Radiant has a really beautiful free printable Mary, Mother Of The Church page for kids to color for this feast day. 

The Catholic Toolbox also has a free printable Mary, Mother of the church board game for kids. I love her file folder games! What a great resource for the Catholic community. 

Call Her Happy has this cute Mary Mother Of The Church printable activity for littles, and it’s only $1 to download. She has a cloak that gets glued on and the kids draw their own church inside. So cute! 


As this new feast day is a great way of acknowledging Mary’s presence and roll in the Pentecost story, you may like to make my “Pentecost Mary” printable peg doll, which is a part of my printable resurrection set. I provide step by step instructions for painting her head, and you decopage on the body! 

Church Crafts For Kids

This is the perfect day to make a craft that actually looks like a church! 

Check out this printable cathedral from Arma Dei that allows you to turn an ordinary goldfish box into a beautiful church for your peg dolls! What a great way to celebrate this day.

This little simple envelope church craft from Pre-Kinders would be so perfect for preschoolers! Maybe Mary could pop out on the middle popsicle stick!

You can also make this simple church craft from a small milk carton. Whipping cream and Whoppers also come in these types of small cartons. 

Mary Feast Day Foods And Recipes

You can find my list of Marian feast day food ideas here

Marian Symbol How To Draw

You could try following this how to draw video to draw your own Marian symbol! My kids love to draw along with these how to draw videos. 

Printable Mary Statue Craft

This printable Mary statue craft is good for all kinds of Mary feast days, and it’s free to print! Get yours now.

Honor Mary By Praying The Rosary

That’s right! Pray the rosary with your kids. You can find all of my rosary resources for kids and families here.

You can find more of my Mary crafts and activities for kids here.

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