Mardi Gras Pancakes- Going All Out!

We have made colored Mardi Gras pancakes before, but last year, we really went all out! Given that we don’t eat many sweets and treats during Lent, we filled our pancakes with chocolate chips, and covered them with butter, syrup, whipped cream, sprinkles- you name it! mardi gras pancakes going all out We made them the same way we always do by adding food color to the batter. colored pancakes for mardi gras Then we dropped chocolate chips into the pancakes once the batter was poured on the griddle, but before we flipped them over. chocolate chip pancakes for mardi gras mardi gras pancakes We also set the table really colorful and fun for the kids. Ever tried using a fitted sheet as a table cloth? It works great! (Trick I learned from my mom.) mardi gras dinner for kids We also like to serve ours with bacon since we won’t be able to eat meat on Ash Wednesday or the first Friday of Lent. Serve the chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream and Mardi Gras colored sugar (which you can totally make yourself). mardi gras pancakes going all out We had our “Alleluia” ready to bury and in one of our fun cups! After dinner, we made a big deal out of singing “Alleluia”, then it went into the wooden box not to be said again until Easter. mardi gras dinner bury the alleluia The kids really enjoyed the brightly colored and yummy dinner, all the way through the easy king’s cake! mardi gras dinner with king cake Check out all of my posts about Mardi Gras and Lent here!

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