Lenten Planning Pack- A Lenten Calendar For Moms And More!!! {25 Pages!}

Last year I came out with some Lenten planning pages that I decided to re-vamp. They are now cuter and more useful than ever before! Are you ready for this?! Introducing, the all new Lenten Planning Pack from Catholic Icing! (And these pages are all good for every year- not specific to 2019!)

This is a pack of primarily reproducible pages for brainstorming and planning your Lent, not a complete ebook like the Advent/Christmas planner. There are a few informational pages at the very front of the pack to help with your planning. 

This new and much improved and beautiful pack is now available as a paid download- you get all 25 pages for just $5! These will help you plan from Mardi Gras all the way through Holy Week, so what are you waiting for?! 🙂 Grab yours now! 

Pages In the Lenten Planning Pack:

  • An Outline of Lent
  • Dates you may want to add to your calendar
  • A checklist for the beginning of Lent with activities to suggest preparing for, including links
  • Lenten Calendar for Mom, shown above (again, this page is good for every year)
  • Several graphic organizers for Lenten brainstorming
  • Lenten overview planning pages in several variations helping you lay out your plans for prayer, fasting, and almsgiving
  • Planning pages with 40 spaces to write in your own Lenten tasks/plans
  • Planning pages for Lenten cleaning, including the new and improved pages to plan 40 Days 40 Bags!
  • A meal planning page for meatless Fridays and your fasting days
  • A page to organize your shopping needs for the season
  • A page to keep track of your favorite resources so you don’t forget them for next year
  • The Holy Week Planning page *one of my favorites! 🙂 pictured above
  •  A checklist to sort the activities you find as either for Lent or Easter, and prioritize your favorites
  • My Lenten calendar stick-ons!
  • And More!!! 25 pages total!

This new Lent Planning Pack was inspired by the designs of bullet journals and is full of hand drawn artwork and hand drawn lettering. I am absolutely thrilled with the results!

The “Lenten Cleaning” pages have been re-vamped to be more useful and user friendly! I’ve seen versions of these that are already filled in, but being a homemaker myself, I know that ever house has different needs. Even my own house’s need will be different next year than this year. So you can fill this one in yourself to match with your own home. I suggest actually taking the page, walking around your home, and writing in the areas you see that need help.

Most of the pages are self-explanatory but I have just a few that I would like to offer some guidance for using.

This is the Lenten timeline page. There’s a simple timeline that spreads across 2 pages. Each day of Lent is represented with a box. The Sundays in Lent are bigger, and I also expanded Holy Week a bit. The Sundays are labeled with words, and the Fridays of Lent have tiny little fish in them. You just draw a line and jot down the idea for the Lenten activitiy you want to do with your family. This is going to help you spread out your Lenten activities throughout the season.

You can see a close up of the timeline here.

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I have another graphic organizer in the pack to help you make sure you’re thinking of ideas for all the different areas or aspects of Lent. For instance, you could see that you’re planning a lot of prayer activities, but nothing for almsgiving. This is really great for the brainstorming stage.

The page below was also in my previous pack, and it helps you sort all the ideas you collect. You check if this activity should happen during Lent or Easter, then star the ones that are most important to you. That way you can think through, prioritize, and make sure the most important things don’t fall through the cracks.

lenten planning page printable

lent and easter planning page

My Lenten calendar stick-ons also remain in the new pack! These can be cut out and glued onto your own existing calendar so you don’t forget any important Catholic days! Use the ones you want, discard the ones you don’t.

liturgical calendar stick ons for Lent- great for kids

I put a lot of time and thought into this Lent planning pack for moms- I truly believe that you will find it to be a valuable and helpful resource for enriching Lent with your family this year.

Get yours now for just $5! The pages are usable year after year!

I now also have a Lenten meal planner for families that goes with my “Weave The Faith” liturgical binder system, so check that out here!



  1. Jennifer Medley says

    Hi, I don’t see a subscriber bonus page on the email I received… did I miss it? Thanks!

  2. Thank you so very much for this!!!!
    I cannot wait to use them to create a meaningful Lenten Season for my family.
    Thanks again!

  3. You are a gem! Thank you for sharing your ideas and resources with us Lacy! I stumbled across your page the first I was teaching kindergarten catechism and you have been my go-to source for all Catholic kids & family activities since! Sometimes I even use your ideas for the “big” kids in Confirmation class – they like to craft too. 🙂

    Courtney Champagne

  4. Apparently I’m one of “those” people – I’ve looked at the email numerous times, looked at it on the web, clicked to the subscriber page and looked at the directions, looked at the Facebook page, and STILL can’t find the link!! Pretty please, won’t you help this brain-befuddled mama plan our Lent? By the way, I bought your Advent planning book as soon as it came out and absolutely love it!

  5. I am apparently subscribed, because I receive your emails, but can never find the link to print the free pages on my emails.

    • Well we just fixed it to have a great big button at the bottom now, so that should really help! 🙂 Let me know if you’re still having trouble.

  6. Heidi Seibold says

    I am a subscriber – long time – fantastic page – BUT , I cannot access and print anything today… can you help ?
    I tried re signing up –