Lent Preparation for Children- A Checklist To Get Ready

When you’re celebrating the liturgical year with your kids, you can think of the season of Lent a lot like you do Advent. It’s a long season of preparation, and we need to get ready for Easter. I like to do activities with kids that last the length of the season, so it’s important to prepare before Ash Wednesday ahead of time so you’re ready to go! Although I will add here that it’s never too late during the season of Lent to start these things… always better late than never! Now, let’s look at our Lent Preparation for Children


You can read my list of Ash Wednesday traditions for families here. Hopefully, this checklist will get your brain juices flowing so you can best prepare your own family for Lent. 

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Prepating for Lent With Kids

Checklist for Preparing Your Family for Lent:

  • Figure out what you’re “giving up”. (Even though “giving something up” for Lent is traditional, you can also do extra stuff too, such as saying extra prayers, going to Adoration, or attending daily Mass.) I have a post with ideas of what to give up from Lent from 100 Catholic moms
  • Think “Prayer, Fasting, Almsgiving”… how are we going to do more of these things during this season?
  • Lenten countdown calendar of some kind (There are infinite ways to count down the 40 days of Lent. You could print my calendar, make a paper chain, count almsgiving pennies, use a crown of thorns, have sacrifice beans… seriously endless possibilities!)
  • Ash Wednesday plans (Ash Wednesday is a great day to attend Mass with as a family!)
  • Almsgiving (You could make an offering box for Lent with your kids)
  • Go to Confession (Check your church’s schedule and put it on the calendar.)
  • Go shopping for meatless-meal groceries and simple foods (Obviously don’t eat meat on Fridays during Lent or on Ash Wednesday).
  • Stations of the Cross activities (You can find some here, and/or you could attend a Stations of the Cross service at your church.)
  • Pray the Rosary (Especially the sorrowful mysteries during Lent)
  • Put out “decorations” for Lent such as putting a crucifix more centrally located in your home, extra crosses, etc.
  • Holy Week/Easter plans can hold their horses. We need to observe Lent first.

Be sure to check out my Page of Resources for Lent! It’s full of links and ideas!

More Lenten Resources for Kids
I now have a printable Lent planning pack for moms that will help you prepare as well! Be sure to check that out for a smooth sailing and meaningful Lent. 
Lenten Planning Pack


  1. Lenetta @ Nettacow says

    So I was looking at the calendar today, and on Friday March 25th, there isn't the little fish and note that it's a day of abstinance. It is the Annunciation, so does the feast (is that the right word?) trump? I'd imagine it'd be a good penance to abstain anyway, but it perplexed me!

  2. The Feast of the Annunciation is a Solemnity in the Catholic Church, a principal holyday in the liturgical year. Because it is a solemnity it takes precedence over the Lenten weekday, which in this case is a Friday and the rule of abstinence does not apply.
    This feast is so important that if it were to fall on a Sunday it would be transferred to the 26th and if it were to fall on Palm Sunday, during Holy Week or the Octave of Easter, it would be transferred to the Monday after the Second Sunday of Easter and celebrated then.
    The Feast of St. Joseph is also a solemnity and takes precedence over the Lenten weekday. It, too, could be transferred if necessary.
    I hope that helps.

  3. Lacy @ Catholic Icing says

    I think you might have been counting the days wrong because there are little fish on all the Fridays.

  4. I made the same realization this year – copying my to do list for Advent/Christmas and making it fit Lent/Easter – there are many similar preparations for Lent/Advent and then Christmas/Easter! Thanks for your list – there were some I had missed on mine!

  5. Sarah Harkins says

    I heard you are supposed to pray the sorrowful mysteries all of lent. Is that true?

  6. On the Sundays in Lent, then you go back to the Glorious after East, until the beginning of Advent when the Joyful are said on Sunday.

  7. I love the Sunday Visitor short and sweet guide. I sent it to my college kids. It's a good refresher. Thank you!

  8. I love how these links are consolidated nicely on your blog! You do a great job making it easy for the rest of us. 😉

  9. Thrifty and Chic Mom says

    Lacy thank you for sharing these companies I am drooling over all the items I want for me and my kids. I love finding new catholic products I appreciate you exposing us to them!

  10. Thank You so very much for these wonderful resources! My three year old daughter has been very curious about Jesus’ death lately and she surprises me with some of the questions she thinks of. sometimes i struggle with what words to choose to explain to her because it can be complicated to understand at such a young age. I cant wait to start getting those emails from Holy Heroes and to make our own Lenten countdown to really help her understand! Thanks!!

  11. Wonderful Lenten calendar!!! I have 2 teen daughters…this is even age appropriate for them.
    Thanks for the share!!

  12. Love your ideas and the incredible amount of time you devote to researching our Catholic faith. What a wonderful resource your site is! I am actually trying to find a reliable source on Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras/Fat uesday to go along with my pancake recipe for our Children’s Liturgy, to provide a little history. I’ve read numerous articles but was hoping to find an authentic, “kid-friendly” version. I clicked on your Mardi Gras link at the top of this page, but don’t see any Mardi Gras info. Thank you so much and keep up the incredible work! Praying for you!

  13. Updated link to the Lenten Guide poster – https://www.osv.com/Portals/4/documents/pdf/LentenGuidePoster.pdf

  14. i love lent