Jesus- The Way The Truth The Life (Fun Resources For Kids)

The story of the Good Shepherd is such a great Bible story to teach children! I always find that when I reach kids on their own level with fun, hands-on activities, it helps them learn the story and retain it longer. You can find all of my Bible crafts for kids here. This Sunday’s Gospel reading is John 14: 1-12 when Jesus says he is “the way, the truth, and the life” so let’s look at some fun ways to learn about this. 

For this time while many of us can’t attend Mass, be sure to check out all of my weekly Mass resources for kids. There are so many great resources in that post including ideas for spiritual communion, sending your angel to Mass for you, and resources that update weekly!

First off, read the story from John 14: 1-12 to your kids from you your bible or a children’s bible if possible. It’s always good to start with a version of the story that they can understand.

Way Truth Life Video For Kids

Sometimes I find it easies to show my kids a video before starting our activities. Here is a video from YouTube on Jesus being the way, the truth, and the life.


Free Way, Truth, Life Printables For Kids

Let’s start with a list of some free worksheets and cooloring pages for kids. 

The Way The Truth The Life Crafts For Kids

This “Jesus Is The Way” craft for kids is free to print here from Sunday School Center. Just scroll down to the “Life Of Jesus” section (series 3) and click on lesson 12.

Check out this pop up craft for the way the truth and the life from Zoe Craft Book (scroll down).

Crafting The Word Of God has this totally free printable for an “I Am” wheel. It has Jesus’ “I am” statements such as I am the bread of life, I am the vine, and you guessed it…. I am the way. 🙂

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The Way The Truth The Life Song

Songs are so great because our brain has a way of remembering things that are put to music! Check out this the way the truth and the life song.


Bible Journaling The Way The Truth The Life

I love bible journaling because it allows you to just do a little bit of art at a time, and each page can be a totally different style! There are a few printables available on Etsy for help in bible journaling this verse, which are affordable to download, and could also be used as coloring bookmarks! You can find Catholic journaling bibles here, and you can find my list of my favorite bible journaling supplies here.

Here is a way truth and life printable bible journaling set.

And here is another slighly simplier option

Part Of The Easter Season

Remember, it’s still the Easter season until Pentecost! We observed lent for 40 days- we may as well celebrate for all 50 days of the Easter season as well! 🙂

More Mass Resources For Kids!!!

Definitely check out my Mass resources for kids that are good year round! I have links to websites that update each week for the Gospel and weekly readings that include:

  • Mass prep videos
  • Free printable mass bulletins for each week
  • Lesson plans
  • Printables
  • Powerpoint children’s sermon
  • And more!